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“It’s not comfortable..use your imagination”: Henry Cavill Leaves His Man Of Steel Co-Star Amy Adams Confused With a Brutally Honest Confession About S*X

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams

Now with Man of Steel 2 in the works with Warner Bros. Discovery, the preceding movie is getting even more love than it already had with Henry Cavill’s return to the DCEU. Black Adam would be an entirely new start for the actor and would set up a new era for Superman.

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams
Henry Cavill and Amy Adams

Looking back at the age of Man of Steel Amy Adams and Henry Cavill had both been the stars and the face of DC with their roles as Lois Lane and Clark Kent. So when asked about their experiences in other works, Cavill’s candor put the actress in a fit of laughter.

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Henry Cavill Talks About Intimate Scenes In The Tudors

While having an interview with Graham Norton, the host brought up the topic of how in the show Henry Cavill got his big break from, The Tudors, he had a lot of scenes that required the actor to get intimate with his co-stars. While explaining to his Man of Steel co-star, the actor opened up about being uncomfortable with scenes that required him to be vulnerable in front of a lot of people.

Man of Steel
Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel

Having the crew surround Cavill in scenes of intimacy and then not being able to act as well due to all the eyes was what the actor described to be unsettling. Amy Adams had been jokingly making the actor flustered by complimenting him in his presence during The Graham Norton Show which soon switched the topic about how The Witcher actor did not like being surrounded by people when being intimate.

The actor had multiple such scenes in the show and with those scenes, he kept feeling uncomfortable with the ‘sounds’ and the crew just staring at him and his co-star during the sequence.

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Henry Cavill Having Embarrassing Moments On The Set Of The Tudors

While filming The Tudors, Henry Cavill also happened to have encountered a rather embarrassing moment when he got aroused during an intimate scene. The actor had been apologizing to the actress for a long time after as the circumstances had not gone in his favor, putting him in such an awkward position.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Having to be in such a position in front of so many people was only another addition to why Cavill wasn’t as fond of these scenes. The act of being vulnerable to such an extent in front of so many people was not a favorite for the actor and he did not prefer doing them either.

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Source: The Graham Norton Show


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