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“It’s not easy, it’s not fun – it’s horrible”: Christian Bale Wanted to Piss in the Shoes of a Critic Who Insulted his Weight Loss For Mark Wahlberg’s Movie

“It’s not easy, it’s not fun – it’s horrible”: Christian Bale Wanted to Piss in the Shoes of a Critic Who Insulted his Weight Loss For Mark Wahlberg's Movie

Christian Bale is known for his extreme body transformations in his movies. The Dark Knight trilogy fame has often been seen touching the limits of method acting. It is not everybody’s cup of tea to show such dedication to their projects. But even after so much, some people never stop to comment on everything, and unfortunately, a critic passed some questionable comments on Bale’s method acting techniques.

Christian Bale as Trevor Reznik
Christian Bale as Trevor Reznik in The Machinist

The Academy Award winner was tremendously angry after a critic disappointed him with his transformation in The Fighter. Christian Bale already garnered widespread acclaim by losing 62 pounds for his role in The Machinist. Following that, when he repeated the same for The Fighter, things didn’t turn out the same for the actor.

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Why was Christian Bale highly disappointed by a critic?

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

Christian Bale has often been subjected to comments from some critics who comment on his body transformations. In movies like American Psycho, The Machinist, The Fighter, and Amsterdam, Bale is seen pulling off insane method acting techniques which proved that the actor has no limits when it comes to acting.

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The Batman Begins took to an interview with Empire to reply strongly to critics who often term his transformations as gimmicks ignoring all the pain and hard work. He admitted that it is quite a horrible and difficult task to pull off.

“To be honest, I find it laughable that it’s considered to be some f–king gimmick – it’s so patronising. For God’s sake, do people not understand what a pain it is to do? It’s as though it’s some comment about, ‘Oh it’s easy for him, because he’s done it a bunch of times.’ It’s not easy, it’s not fun – it’s horrible.”

Christian Bale in The Fighter
Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter

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Christian Bale didn’t stop there and added how he wanted to piss on the shoes of a critic who criticized his necessary body transformation in the 2010 David O. Russell directorial The Fighter. The 49-year-old star added that the transformation was required for the project starring him alongside Mark Wahlberg.


“I would never pick to do that, but it’s a part that I like and he’s a welterweight and he’s a crackhead. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a welterweight with any fat on him – or a crackhead. So it’s just what you end up having to do. Somebody told me that somebody wrote something about my ‘trademark weight loss’. I’d just like to piss on that guy’s shoes.”

But although the Patrick Bateman actor spoke so much against the criticisms he received, the actor is no more a fan of body transformations. Christian Bale acknowledged that the techniques are not healthy and can lead to severe repercussions.

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Why did Christian Bale discontinue body transformations?

Earlier also, Christian Bale commented on how these body transformations provide an amazing experience. But still, the Ford v Ferrari star spoke out on how the techniques are extremely harmful and unhealthy- “I worry about this becoming a regular conversation because it isn’t healthy for people to do that.” 

Christian Bale
Christian Bale in American Psycho

Later in an interview with ETimes, the father-to-two also added how he is unwilling to go through those insane method-acting techniques again. Bale feels that he has come a long way and that his body can’t take these challenges anymore and the actor doesn’t want to face fatal repercussions due to his methods.

The Fighter can be streamed on Paramount+.

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