“It’s not the sort of thing that I like to do”: Christopher Nolan Was Amazed by His Own Choice for Interstellar’s Most Devastating Scene

Christopher Nolan delved into raw emotions of Matthew McConaughey with Interstellar by changing one way of his working

christopher nolan was amazed by his own choice for interstellar’s most devastating scene


  • Christopher Nolan took the step by step approach of recording the scene from Interstellar where Cooper sees old video messages.
  • Matthew McConaughey had never seen those videos before, making his reaction purely genuine.
  • This was not something Nolan usually did with his style of work, especially with the music, but he never regretted it.
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Christopher Nolan has some of the most iconic movies of all time. From Oppenheimer to the entire Dark Knight trilogy, he has done films that stand out in ways that make him unique and brilliant. His range in filmmaking is one that is highly respected, seeing that he never hesitates before giving his all to all of his works.

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Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

Out of all his works, each and every one has a sense of individuality that is like no other. Interstellar became a film that is easily one to be remembered. In this, however, he put more thought than anyone would realize at first. This included one of the most emotional scenes of the film, one where Matthew McConaughey was crying his eyes out upon seeing a video message.


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Christopher Nolan Got Matthew McConaughey’s Original Reaction First

Christopher Nolan, in an interview with The Atlantic, talked about how one scene in Interstellar became a spectacle not just for the audience but also for those involved in the making of the film. He revealed that in the scene where Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper is going through video messages of his loved ones, the actor had no idea how things were going to go. He had never before seen the videos, making it impossible for him to prepare himself.

Matt Damon
A still from Interstellar

“It was always the north star of the film, this beautiful sequence … We filmed McConaughey’s reaction first … he hadn’t seen the video messages, we’d filmed them all in advance, so that everything would be there in the moment, and he wanted to give us his first reaction. We shot it twice close-up, and I think I used the second one, because the first one was too raw.”

There was a need for a genuine reaction so the entire sequence was filmed step by step. First was McConaughey’s part and then the rest of the process began. His first reaction to the scene had been so enigmatic and emotional that it all fell into place almost automatically.

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Christopher Nolan took a Risk

While speaking with the Atlantic, Christopher Nolan stated that it was not something he would usually pull off. The entire sequence was different from his usual style of working but he was glad that things went the way that they did.

Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in Interstellar (2014).
Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in Interstellar (2014).

“Then we shot the monitors, and the wider shots, and put it together. The last piece of the puzzle was a beautiful piece of music by Hans Zimmer that hadn’t really found a place in the film … it was devastating … When the messages stop, the music stops … it’s not the sort of thing that I like to do, but it felt perfect and apt for that moment.”

He elaborated on how Hans Zimmer’s final touch to the scene was everything Nolan had hoped for, making it one of the most iconic and memorable moments of the film. The beauty in pain is what he wanted to bring about and he did not in the most spectacular manner possible.


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