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It’s Official: Superman & Lois No Longer Part of Arrowverse Earth-Prime

Kicked off by CW’s the Arrow series in 2012, the Arrowverse has gone on to spawn many other superhero series within its universe called the Earth-prime such as the Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightening, and many more.

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The Flash series expanded the Arrowverse in 2014. It went to see many crossover events such as Elseworlds and Invasion!, eventually solidifying its universe in the Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

Inconsistency abounds

With the end of season 2 of Superman and Lois, it has been confirmed that the Earth from the series is different from Earth-Prime in Arrowverse. Several inconsistencies were persistent throughout the series, making fans worried that the series might not be in the same universe.
Superman & Lois
A still from Superman & Lois series
Some of the inconsistencies that bugged viewers of Arrowverse include the design of the Fortress of Solitude and Superman’s reluctance to call on his super friends in the new Justice League for help.
But in the episode “Waiting for Superman”, it was confirmed that the show belonged in its universe. While comforting his grandchildren, General Sam Lane, father of Lois Lane stated that Superman was the only hero that their world had, and that was fine because “he’s the finest of any Earth.”
Superman in his suit
Even though many fans are disappointed with the result, it could be a blessing in disguise. The arrowverse suffered a lot because of the Coronavirus, causing issues with scheduling and production. The show being in a separate universe further expands the possibility for the show to have its own stories.

Written by Nikhil Makwana

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