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“It’s OK to be honest”: Michael B. Jordan’s Creed 3 Reportedly Lied About $75M Budget To Show it as a Hit, Gain Viewers Other Than the “Old, White ‘Rocky’ Audience”

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MGM is trying to pull a quick one on us! Don’t believe the rumor that Creed 3 costs $75 million to produce. Puck’s Matthew Belloni estimates that Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut might cost closer to $90 million when reshoots are included.

Yet, why would MGM mislead about the budget? Let’s be honest: the entertainment industry is fond of deceptive budgetary practices. And it’s hard to blame them. Earning money in the film industry is a cutthroat business, so they will if a studio can seem frugal.

Creed 3: A Knockout Success

Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors in Creed III
Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors in Creed III

With Creed 3’s massive success, the issue remains as to why MGM would keep up this falsehood. The film’s global total of $100.7 million puts it ahead of any other sports movie ever released in the United States regarding its opening weekend. The studio spent $15 million more than they first disclosed, so what’s the harm in disclosing that?

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It would seem that MGM values image above openness and honesty. Puck’s Matthew Belloni reported that MGM allegedly inflated the cost of making Creed 3. In his weekly email, Belloni said that despite Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut being listed with a $75 million budget, he heard that the actual budget might be closer to $90 million if the expense of reshoots is included.

The journalist, however, joked that despite the dishonesty, it was “OK.”:

“[Creed 3] is a hit. It’s OK to be honest”

Creed 3 has just had a successful debut weekend, where it went the distance and won the domestic box office war. The boxing mega-hit made $58.7 million at home and $41.8 million abroad. This makes it the highest opening weekend for a sports movie in the United States and puts the film’s global total at $100.7 million.

Belloni further states that the Creed threequel’s audience is “a long cry from the traditional “white audience.” with almost “40 percent of the gross” coming “from IMAX and other large format theaters.”

“A far cry from the old, white Rocky audience with more than half the audience [being] between 18-34, and three-quarters were non-white. 40 percent of the gross came from IMAX and other large format theaters.”

Ultimately, MGM’s decision to lie about Creed 3’s budget shows that the studio cares more about public perception than honesty and integrity.

Michael B. Jordan: From Star to Director

Michael B Jordan in Creed III
Michael B Jordan in Creed III

Michael B. Jordan, who previously directed Black Panther, helmed the third installment in the Rocky/Creed series. The character of Adonis Creed, played by Jordan, is tested to his limits when an old buddy, this time portrayed by Jonathan Majors, reappears to collect on what he believes is his due.

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The film received a mostly great buzz from critics early on, and it’s simple to understand why. With Jordan’s outstanding work in directing and acting, this film is a winner. How about the reception so far? That’s a huge change from the traditional Caucasian Rocky fan base. Belloni noted that most of those who watched the movie were “non-white.”

Creed III
Creed III

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Even more impressive is that approximately 40% of the total revenue was generated from IMAX and other large format cinemas, proving that audiences are prepared to pay top dollar for an epic cinematic experience.

Source: Puck

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