“It’s okay to be jealous. Jealousy comes with the territory”: Scarlett Johansson Justified Toxic Behavior in Relationship While She Was Married To Romain Dauriac – 3 Years Later, They Separated

"It's okay to be jealous. Jealousy comes with the territory": Scarlett Johansson Justified Toxic Behavior in Relationship While She Was Married To Romain Dauriac - 3 Years Later, They Separated
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Marvel actor Scarlett Johansson has spent her entire life under the limelight of fame and public adoration. From an early age, the star found a place in the public arena as a fan favorite and quickly grew to have a formidable and successful career in Hollywood, marked with multi-million dollar deals and a successful franchise. With a diverse filmography to boast of, there has never been a period of negligence when it comes to the industry recognizing that it’s indebted to the Black Widow actor.


However, as with most extraordinary and ethereal stars, even the most difficult of media exposures and daring movie set stunts fall short when it comes to tackling the human aspects of a relationship.

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson Drops Some Relationship Advice

During her career, there has been very little exploitation of Scarlett Johansson‘s private life and overexposure in the media due to the actress’s carefully constructed presence. Having been on a rare few dates, and even fewer relationships, Johansson could not be claimed to have had a sense of adventurous love life even as her fame, and with it, the media scrutiny grew in the past decade or so. So far, the only famously involved relationships that the Lost in Translation actress has been invested in were with Ryan Reynolds, Josh Hartnett, and Romain Dauriac before settling down with her husband Colin Jost.

Scarlett Johansson with husband Colin Jost
Scarlett Johansson with her husband Colin Jost

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During an interview with Marie Claire, Scarlett Johansson shares a piece of her wisdom about what one shouldn’t expect from one’s partner, and what she looks for in a relationship.


“I think I’ve found that relationships are only going to work out when you’re really yourself and you’re not posturing in any way. You’re just honest with who you are. There’s a difference between compromising something and compromising yourself… I don’t mind an occasional check-in but when somebody is passive-aggressively jealous, it’s really unattractive because it shows a sort of insecurity. Oh, controlling behavior is awful. Nobody’s going to say they love that.” 

Although Johansson’s words do lend some perspective as to what high-profile relationships look like, it is hardly any different than what anyone would expect from their partner. The difference, in this case, is the platform that Scarlett Johansson has and how her words might positively impact and influence a multitude of young women who happen to look up to her.

Scarlett Johansson Dishes About Her Time with a Frenchman

Scarlett Johansson with ex-husband Romain Dauriac
Scarlett Johansson with ex-husband Romain Dauriac

It is debatable whether a person of Scarlett Johansson’s caliber is not subjected to the basest of human emotions, most commonly jealousy and envy. Although fame and success have nothing to do with feelings of jealousy, the emotion does rise out of insecurity about oneself and one’s place, status, and importance in another’s eye. While she was engaged to the French journalist, Romain Dauriac, Scarlett Johansson claimed in an interview with Esquire,

“It’s okay to be jealous, for example, which people think is irrational. To let yourself care that much that the emotion might hurt you a little. I didn’t think I was a jealous person until I started dating my current, my one-and-only. I think maybe in the past I didn’t have the same kind of investment. Not that I liked my partner less, I just wasn’t capable of it or caring that much.

Look, I’m with a Frenchman. I think jealousy comes with the territory. But I’d rather be with someone who’s a little jealous than someone who’s never jealous. There’s something a little dead-ish about them. A little bit depressing. It may not make sense, but you need to feel it a little. I know, irrational, right?”

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The irony of this situation stands out when ScarJo separated from Romain Dauriac 3 years into their marriage with whom she also shares a daughter, Rose. The former filed for divorce in 2017 calling their marriage “irretrievably broken.”

Now happily settled and raising a family with Saturday Night Live comedian, Colin Jost, the Hollywood megastar has found the kind of quiet assurance and confident supportive presence beside her that she had always talked about. Colin Jost, too, advocates the importance of finding one’s own identity and securing one’s place as an individual before one can have a mature relationship with one’s partner.

Source: Esquire


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