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“It’s Quite Moving” – David Harbour Reveals He Knows The Real Ending of Stranger Things

David Harbour wants this character to play a younger viersion of himself in a stranger things spin-off series
David Harbour

Sci-fi as a genre is equally visually awe-inspiring and stimulating. With no known bounds, concepts that come under the banner of science fiction keep raising the bar with time. One of the pioneering motion pictures that set off the television sci-fi craze was George Lucas’ Star Wars. The franchise has sparked the ideas of brilliant minds for the better half of the past half-century. An equally off-the-charts brilliant creation in modern times has been the Duffer brothers’ Netflix series Stranger Things. Ever since the series was released, it became a household must-watch. Everybody was either watching it or talking about it. And after countless bicycle runs and bingeing on eggos, the Stranger Things fourth season is finally here. And it is going to be a teary affair.

Stranger Things S4 PosterNetflix Series Stranger Things Season 4

Netflix is set to release the first half of Season 4, containing 7 episodes, on the 27th of this month. The penultimate and final episodes will be released on July 1st.

Stranger Things Cast Member Talks About the Series Finale

We have all been a fan of David Harbour ever since Hell Boy came out on screens. But watching the Sheriff with his goofy personality and that fearless heart made us fall in love all over again. Now as the Netflix series draws close to the finish line, the Sheriff himself sits down to discuss the ending of it all.

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Harbour, in an interview with Variety, talks about the Season 4 ending that is not only moving but also quite beautiful. Whether he survives Hawkins and the Upside Down or not, the question stays unanswered.

Stranger Things scenes from Season 4
Scenes from Stranger Things Season 4

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Are We Ready to Witness the End?

The series has given us uncountable breath-stopping, bone-chilling moments. Starting from the blinking of the lights to read R-U-N to the incredible performance of Winona Ryder as a distraught mother to Steve fighting the Demogorgon with a nailed baseball bat — it was all the culmination of a beautiful screenplay.


Since the moment Eleven flipped over the Dungeons & Dragons board to demonstrate the Upside Down, we have waited with bated breath to find out what waited at the other end of the line. Now that the showdown is about to begin and the end is nigh, we are not entirely sure we are ready for it.

Netflix has renewed the Duffer brothers series for a fifth and final season.

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