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“It’s really fun to have a lot of girls in MCU now”: Ant-Man 3 Actor Evangeline Lilly is Pleased With MCU’s Boss Kevin Feige’s Leadership

"It's really fun to have a lot of girls in MCU now": Ant-Man 3 Actor Evangeline Lilly is Pleased With MCU's Boss Kevin Feige's Leadership

Evangeline Lilly officially entered the MCU in 2014 when she filmed Ant-Man, and it’s safe to say the world has changed significantly since then. The actress applauded how the MCU has grown in terms of diversity since her debut, particularly for significant female roles. Hope van Dyne (aka The Wasp) was one of the MCU’s few notable female superheroes at the time of Ant-Man, and she was the first female hero to have her name in the title with Ant-Man and The Wasp. She is starring in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, along with Paul Rudd and Kathryn Newton.

Quantumania actresses reunite on the red carpet

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Evangeline Lilly

The actress Evangeline Lilly was being interviewed by Extratv when her co-actor Kathryn Newton said ‘hi.’ The surprise was a pleasant one as Lilly was overjoyed reuniting with her Quantumania co-star. She then commented on how nice it was to have more women in the MCU, she is loving the sisterhood and the support.

“MCU right, it’s also really fun to have a lot of girls like a lot of women in the MCU now and like a little bit of the Sisterhood power that’s so nice.”

This is not the first time Lilly has commented on women’s empowerment, she has always been super-excited about more women in the MCU. Lilly has done numerous interviews about the progress in terms of gender equality, especially in the MCU. In an interview she talked about how Quantumania paid its female and male actors equally, she said,

“But, it was really cool that they really wanted to honor this moment where a female superhero is being titled and billed. Marvel is just absolutely hell bent and passionate right now about representing women as fierce and capable and as equals to men. Is there equality? I think that having equal billing tells us that right now, in this movie, there is.

It is impressive that the MCU is doubling down on reducing the wage gap between the two genders, and equal pay is the most constructive and concrete way of approaching the problem. The actress also talked about the experience of being a superhero and defeating the bad guys.

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Evangeline Lilly opens up about being a Superhero

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Evangeline Lilly

When the actress was asked how it felt to suit up and beat the bad guys, Lilly explained how there was a lack of female superheroes when she was growing up as a result of which she would idolize male superheroes like Spider-Man but there was something missing.

Amazing. I used to fantasize about being Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. I was obsessed with her. And partly because it’s Michelle Pfeiffer in a skin-tight leather costume, owning it, and being fierce as sh*t. But, also, because there wasn’t a lot to choose from. There just weren’t very many female superheroes. It was mostly male superheroes. Me and my sister would pretend to be Spider-Man or Batman or to be whoever else.”

She continued,

“I had a moment recently where my seven-year old son was pretending to be The Wasp. I still get goose bumps when I tell that story. It chokes me up, because that’s a cultural shift. For a little boy to pretend to be a female superhero, this is no small thing. Sometimes I think we’re making a mountain of a molehill, because there have been female superheroes in the MCU the whole time, and they’re amazing, and they’re strong, and kickass, and all of those things.”

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Evangeline Lilly as The Wasp

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She shared how important the role of The wasp was for her. It was very emotional when her son idolized her instead of male superheroes. From this, we know that things are getting better as far as the MCU is concerned, with many films being led by women in this cinematic universe.

Source: Extratv | Youtube

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