“It’s really important”: Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt Aim to Copy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Formula in Their Parenting Journey

“It’s really important”: Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt Aim to Copy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Formula in Their Parenting Journey
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Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger met in 2018 and the couple announced their engagement the following year and got married in 2019. The couple has two children Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger and Eloise Schwarzenegger.


Katherine Schwarzenegger recently revealed that parenting can be difficult but it is so rewarding, and how it involves a great deal of responsibility when it comes to making decisions that could impact the development and well-being of the children. Katherine Schwarzenegger revealed her parenting plan and told that they would copy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s instructions in their parenting journey.

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger

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What Did Katherine Schwarzenegger tell about her Parenting Plan?

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Jennifer Hudson

Katherine Schwarzenegger appeared on the Jennifer Hudson Show where the actress shed some light on her parenting plan alongside her husband, Chris Pratt. Katherine Schwarzenegger gave emphasis on parenting and she revealed that raising children can be a difficult job at times as it requires a lot of dedication, patience, and a lot of hard work. Sometimes, the parents have to bear the tantrums of their children, as well as support them during their life transitions. She revealed that she would be following the same plan, and doing exactly what her parents did. She added that she wants to raise her children with good ethics, and faith. Here’s what Katherine Schwarzenegger said in the show:

“I just want to do exactly what my parents did. For my husband [Chris Pratt] and I, it’s really important to be able to just instill that sense of family and the importance around family. And also giving them privacy and just being able to raise them with good values and faith and family is really important.”

It is important to instill children with good qualities because they are like sponges, and they would absorb the values modeled by their parents in their lives. Hence, it is crucial to provide good teachings for the well-rounded, responsible, and successful overall development of the child.

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What is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Parenting Plan?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Katherine Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the father of Katherine Schwarzenegger and he has talked about his parenting method on a number of occasions. He has said that his parenting beliefs revolve around seeding strong values and providing his children ample opportunities to learn and grow. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is extremely crucial to lead by setting an example, and he believes that parents should set positive behaviors and values for their children.

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He further added that parents should be involved in the lives of their children, and support them in their interests. However, parents should set boundaries so that they can set clear expectations and consequences for their children, which would help the individual in learning the skills to be successful in life


Source: Jennifer Hudson Show




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