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‘It’s Rewarding’: After Stranger Things Made Her a Multi-Millionaire, Millie Bobby Brown Says Enola Holmes 2 is Her Career’s ‘Most Important Moment’

Millie Bobby Brown Enola Holmes 2

Since her breakout role in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has turned into a successful actor and producer, receiving an Emmy nomination for her performance in Stranger Things. She even starred in the blockbuster franchise MonsterVerse.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things.

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With the Duffer Brothers hinting at season 5 being the last season of Stranger Things, the actor seems to be looking to engage herself in other productions such as The Electric State and The Thing About Jellyfish.

Enola Holmes returns to the big screen

Directed by Primetime Emmy winner Harry Bradbeer, Enola Holmes follows the protagonist on her quest to find her missing mother and outwit her famous detective brother Sherlock Holmes. The movie is based on the Nancy Springer book series “The Enola Holmes Mysteries.”

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Enola Holmes
Millie Bobby Brown alongside Henry Cavill in Enola Holmes(2020).

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The Victorian drama also starred DC’s own Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Millie Bobby Brown who plays the titular character in the movies commented on her relationship with the actor, she stated:

“…Henry and I had such a great chemistry on set. Being able to play his younger sister, it’s quite easy. I have an older brother, and I know how easy it is to annoy him, get on his nerves, make him laugh. I know his weaknesses. I know his strengths.”

Millie Bobby Brown to produce the sequel too

Becoming one of the youngest people to ever produce a movie, she will be producing the sequel too. While describing her experience producing she stated her age and gender never affected her experience working on the set. she also said:

“[Enola Holmes] may be the most important moment in my career so far, because it’s something that I developed. It’s rewarding. Obviously, it can be tiring, and when you look back on it, you’re like, ‘Gosh, I can’t believe I didn’t fall asleep.’ But there were so many things that I got to be a part of, and I really was grateful for that.”

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Millie Bobby Brown
Enola Holmes will be Millie Bobby Brown’s second production.

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Despite starring in Godzilla: King of Monsters and Stranger Things, it seems like the actor-producer believes worked harder on Enola Holmes, rather than on any other production.

Enola Holmes 2 will come out on Netflix on 4 November 2022.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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