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“It’s something that resonates with the character”: Henry Cavill Defends Black Adam Mid-Credits Scene Using John Williams Score Instead of Hans Zimmer, Hints He Might Be Done With the Snyderverse

Henry Cavill Defends Black Adam

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The much-awaited eleventh installation in the DCEU franchise is here, Black Adam is finally out and is currently available for viewing at your nearest movie theater. What comes with the latest DC release is the action and fights that everyone expected of a Dwayne Johnson superhero movie, and something entirely unexpected.

Well, we won’t say unexpected. Rumors were already making the rounds that Henry Cavill’s Superman return was imminent and reportedly going to happen in the upcoming post-credits scene for Black Adam. Now that it’s out, the mid-credits scene did indeed show us a handsome Superman trying to pull off a deal with Johnson’s Adam, and it was tense.

Black Adam FandomWire
A poster for Black Adam

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This Mid-Credits Scene For Black Adam Has An Exciting Detail

It’s no doubt that Hans Zimmer has established himself as probably the most successful and well-praised music composer for movies, especially action movies.

Black Adam FandomWire
Superman (1978)

DC fans will remember the joys of listening to Hans Zimmer’s Superman theme titled Flight in Man of Steel. John Williams, on the other hand, is an American composer who has been credited with working on the iconic main theme for 1978’s Superman, which has sort of become a classic.

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Coming to Superman’s Black Adam cameo in the post-credits scene, a particular choice was made on which theme to use for Cavill’s return. Zimmer’s Flight theme, despite being the one connected to Cavill’s original Superman movie was ignored and instead, we got the use of Williams’ iconic Superman theme in the big reveal.

Here’s what Henry Cavill has to say about the unexpected music selection, which he shared during an interview with CinemaBlend-

“John Williams’ theme song is obviously incredibly important to the character. It’s something which resonates with the character and everything time I think anyone in the world hears that, I think a large portion of the world who hears that will recognize it immediately as Superman and feel a certain way about it, and I do think it’s wonderful.”

That was an unexpected bias, Hans Zimmer’s Flight was impressive too! That slow buildup and then a break into an epic arrangement featuring orchestra instruments was one of the coolest things about the movie.

Does the snubbing of Zimmer’s theme mean that the actor is finally done with the SnyderVerse? Only the future can tell.

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What Henry Cavill Feels About The Superman Costume In Black Adam

Henry Cavill is having quite a week. The 39-year-old actor will star in the upcoming Enola Holmes 2, which is set to release this coming week on November 4, 2022. At the same time, he’s also made new waves by returning to a character he has been associated with for all ten years of the 2010s.

Black Adam FandomWire
Henry Cavill as Superman

Cavill is reportedly returning as Superman after an agreement came about between him and Warner Bros. thanks to the work of Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson. Johnson’s everlasting desire to bring the iconic character back into the DCEU has proven true, and here we are!

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The Black Adam cameo also features Cavill wearing the Man of Steel suit for Superman. During an interview with Collider, he explained what he thought of getting the opportunity to wear it once again-

“It was a powerful moment for me, a meaningful moment. I was given a choice of which suit I wanted to wear, and I went straight for the Man of Steel suit.”

“That one holds the most nostalgia for me, and the most meaning. To put that back on, and stand there in front of a mirror suited up again, the suit holds a special power, and there’s no way of getting around that, even if you are the one wearing it. To see myself standing back in that suit was a meaningful moment.”

The Argylle star sounds quite happy to finally be back in a role that honestly everyone wanted a revival of. Fans will be more than eager to know when Man of Steel 2 comes out now!

Black Adam is currently running in theaters.

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