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“It’s somewhat satisfying”: ‘You’ Star Penn Badgley Addresses Series Conclusion After Season 4 as Netflix Yet to Renew Thriller

‘You’ Star Penn Badgley Addresses Series Conclusion After Season 4 as Netflix Yet to Renew Thriller

All good things must come to an end. That’s what Penn Badgley, the star of You feels as he wants to bury the character of Joe Goldberg once and for all. With the recently released season 4 of the hit Netflix show, Badgley wants to see his on-screen character’s downfall and wants to witness “what was coming to him”.

Season 4 of You ended with Joe Goldberg returning to New York with Kate by his side. The lead actor feels that the 5th and final season of the show must continue from that point and land Joe Goldberg in big trouble for the crimes that he has committed over the previous seasons.

Penn Badgley in You
Penn Badgley in You.

Penn Badgley Wants To End It All With You

Being a psycho-stalker has its disadvantages. By starring as Joe Goldberg in Netflix’s You, actor Penn Badgley made a name for himself in Hollywood. Although there have already been 4 seasons of the Netflix show, fans can’t get enough of it but Badgley can.

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in You (2018-).
Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in You (2018-).

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In an interview with IndieWire, actor Penn Badgley revealed that he is done portraying the character of Joe Goldberg for good. The actor wishes that the 5th season will hopefully be the final season of the Netflix show no matter how good the series is. Badgley admitted that he would like to see the consequences of his on-screen character’s actions hit back at him in the face during the events of the 5th season.

“It feels to me like we need to do another season. It feels to me like Joe needs to get what’s coming to him, and now he has further to fall because he has all this power and wealth. But of course, that’s not up to me. I don’t know where it’s going. But to me, with this concept and with this character, we always wanted to be responsible and it’s not just the kind of thing we can let keep going because it’s doing well.”

Penn Badgley felt that the ending of the 5th season could be a cathartic end should Netflix greenlights the project. The actor left the season finale with two endings for the people. One of the endings involves Joe getting everything he wanted while the other ending sees Joe’s downfall and the consequences and the retribution if season 5 is made available by Netflix.

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Penn Badgley Reveals The Chilling Ending of You

Penn Badgley is not satisfied with the ending that we got.
Penn Badgley is not satisfied with the ending that we got.

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As much as the actor wishes for a fifth season of the Netflix show, things could just end the way they are right now. Penn Badgley revealed the chilling ending (which the fans got) when his on-screen character Joe Goldberg gets everything that he ever wanted without any repercussions!

“You could leave it off where it is now, and it’s somewhat satisfying. But I think what’s particularly dystopic or chilling about it is he has effectively won. You have taken this man and shown him going out on top. In that sense, I don’t think it’s the conclusion that anybody wants.”

With season 4 having been recently released, there is currently no news or announcements regarding a potential fifth season of the Netflix show. You is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Source: IndieWire

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