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‘It’s the first I heard of this’: Agents of SHIELD Creator Reveals Disappointing Update For Chloe Bennet’s Quake Joining MCU

The Agents of SHIELD actor, Chloe Bennet who portrayed Daisy Johnson aka Quake was involved in the Marvel series since its beginning. The formative years had clearly established her story as an essential addition to the progression of the narrative, although with no particular powers in store. As the series progressed, so did her character arc and she grew to become one of the most powerful individuals in the Marvel superhero subset.

Chloe Bennet
Chloe Bennet

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Agents of SHIELD Character Rumored to Join MCU

In the beginning, the entirety of the Marvel series was developed around the mainstream MCU storyline. The events of 2012 Avengers had influenced the removal of Agent Phil Coulson from the public eye but the fan-favorite role was to be continued although under a much private eye of the then-SHIELD Director Nick Fury. As such Coulson and his Agents launched into a global fray of investigating and tackling planetary or otherwise threats with supreme efficiency.

Chloe Bennet as Quake in Agents of SHIELD
Chloe Bennet as Quake in Agents of SHIELD

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One of the characters among the Agents of SHIELD series regulars, i.e. Chloe Bennet’s Daisy Johnson aka Quake was to become the central focus of the series several seasons in. She was not only crucial to the plot but had also demanded the unenviable trajectory of a tragic hero dealing with betrayal and loss, thus raising herself to the status of a respectable and beloved messianic hero.

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AoS Showrunner Dashes Hopes for Quake’s MCU Reboot

When rumors surfaced on Twitter about the debut of a multiversal variant of the Agents of SHIELD belonging to Earth-616, it was quickly fueled by several other theorists (namely, KC Walsh) who came up with reasonable arguments to support how this theory could actually explain a lot of the ABC and Netflix characters. The July 18 tweet read:

“Can confirm now that Feige and Co. are treating Agents of SHIELD as another universe. Daisy in 616 will have a new origin, however aspects of her AoS story will be incorporated as a nod to all of the diehard fans. The creative team behind AoS gave their blessing.”

Chloe Bennet and AoS showrunner denies Quake involvement in MCU
Chloe Bennet and AoS showrunner denies Quake involvement in MCU

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Having sparked the online debate, the theory of Quake’s reboot within MCU led to the development of several fan theories that were convinced of her appearance in the Phase 5 MCU project, Secret Invasion. However, Agents of SHIELD showrunner Maurissa Tancharoen set the record straight when she definitively stated, “Uhh ‘our blessing’? First I heard of this…”

So far, Quake actor Chloe Bennet, too, has not confirmed returning to her acclaimed role thus leading to widespread disappointment within the fandom.

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