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“It’s the most important relationship that I have”: Dwayne Johnson Revealed to Jamie Foxx What Makes Him Different From Other Hollywood Superstars That Helped Him Amass $800M Fortune After Initially Declared as a Flop

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Dwayne Johnson’s shift from the most famous pro-wrestler to the biggest movie star of the modern generation is mesmerizing to his fans. But it didn’t come off easy, as The Black Adam actor revealed that at the beginning of his acting career, he was asked to change his demeanor and physique to earn acting jobs.

But despite being pushed up against the wall by Hollywood, Johnson’s determination paved his path to becoming the star he is now.  And the actor also went on to emphasize the importance of his relationship with the fans, whose love and support kept the actor going through his lowest phase.

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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson didn’t agree to Hollywood’s demand to change himself

Before making his way to the top shelves of the movie industry, Dwayne Johnson revealed that he had to suffer through several obstacles in his initial days in Hollywood. In an interview with Jamie Foxx, the WWE superstar shared that when he arrived from the world of pro-wrestling to the world of cinema, Hollywood tried to mold him into one of their stereotypical actors by asking him to lose some weight and cut his WWF personality and drop the name of The Rock. He said,

“Because I reached a point in my career where I was tired of trying to be something I wasn’t. So I was told at that time, ‘Listen you can’t talk about wrestling, you can’t go by (name) The Rock, you can’t be as big. Yeah, there are a lot of things like that.”

But after a while, The Black Adam actor found himself stuck and finally decided to break the shackles and do it his way. And his decision eventually paid off, as he soon got his debut through The Mummy returns and his electrifying persona became one of the defining factors that helped him to make his way to the top branches of Hollywood.

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Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson emphasized the importance of his bond with the fans

Another prime factor behind The Rock’s extensive success and stardom was his unique relationship with the fans. Dwayne Johnson has always shared a special bond with his fans since his pro-wrestling days and has always carried it forward. He stated,

“It’s the most important relationship that I have, is with the people. One of the cool parts of fame & my job ~ makin’ a few folks happy.”

And since then the actor has never lost his connection with the fans, which gave him an edge over his peers in the industry. He has also never shied away from reaching out to his fans to make their days a little better and as a result, the Black Adam actor is now regarded as one of the most loved actors in Hollywood. Johnson stated,

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The Rock
The Rock

At the present, The Rock can be considered the biggest and most bankable movie star in Hollywood. And despite having a net worth of a whopping $800 million, the actor hasn’t shifted away from his roots and is one of the most humble guys in the industry.



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