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It’s Unbelievable How These 15 Movies Created Sound Effects

Its Unbelievable How These 15 Movies Created Sound Effects

Sound engineers and Foley artists go to extreme lengths for creating even the most simple sound effects. Their whole idea is to bring perfection and make their audios sound as genuine as possible. Here are 15 stories where studios went next level to create sound effects:

1. For creating the sound effects of the skeletal cartoons in Coco, Pixar used some actual bones. They put together a sort of “bone orchestra” in a barn that was full of bones, woodblocks, petrified wood, and musical instruments.

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2. The sounds which the flying crafts made in Black Panther were actually the sounds of birds. The crew took African birdcalls, pitched them, and slowed them down. The result gave them tonal signatures for the spaceships.”

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3. Packaged livers played a crucial role in the sound department of Spielberg’s ET. The sound of packaged liver moving around in a flat container was used to give the sound effects of ET’s limbs movement.

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4. To create the sound of the lid of the Ark of the Covenant sliding off, the makers of Raiders of the Lost Ark recorded the sound of a toilet tank cover being removed.

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5. When Tuco broke Lars’ and Cal’s legs in Better Call Saul, the makers used pig squeals to create the horrific screams.

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6. Every time you hear the sound of people kissing on-screen, it’s actually someone kissing their hand. Foley artists record kissing sounds by kissing on their own hands.

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7. There was actually a human giving Godzilla’s cry in the 1998 movie. Gery Hecker who did Godzilla’s roar combined a metal sound with his own voice to get the effect you hear in the movie.

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8. The sound effect for the creatures in A Quiet Place Part I was actually the sound of a stun gun pressed against grapes, pitched down.


9. The sound designers of Jurassic World used the squealing sounds of fennec foxes to attain the sound of Indominus Rex.

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10. The sound effects that you hear in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln are very very authentic. The crew apparently got the approval to enter the White House and record the sounds there including the clock that was actually in Lincoln’s office.

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11. To create the sound of a crankshaft broken in a plane’s engine, the sound designers of Dunkirk put a billiard ball inside a tumble dryer.


12. To create the sound of dragon wings flapping, the sound designers of Game of Thrones used leather jackets and hurled them in the air.

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13. To create the sound of Shadow Monster in Stranger Things, the sound designers used tornado sounds. In the tornado sound, they also added insect sounds to make it sound more ominous.

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14. The screams that you heard of the Ringwraiths in Lord of the Rings were actually the sounds of plastic cups and seals. The crew purchased plastic cups from Target, recorded the sound of them scraping, then added that to the sounds of harbor seals to get the effect.

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15. The squeaking sounds of the rats that you heard in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade weren’t actually rats. The sound designers of the film used high-pitched, annoyed chicken chirps which worked pretty.

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