“It’s unlikely that you will be able to hold them all”: Helldivers 2 Fans Should be Aware About the Latest Warning From the Developer

A community manager of Helldivers 2 has warned players to be careful in their battle on multiple fronts.

“It’s unlikely that you will be able to hold them all”: Helldivers 2 Fans Should be Aware About the Latest Warning From the Developer


  • Players of Helldivers 2 get to fight multiple factions at once while on their mission to spread democracy.
  • These factions, namely The Automatons and The Terminids happen to keep coming back stronger.
  • A community manager of the game has warned players how it might be impossible to hold all the fronts.
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Players of Sony’s Helldivers 2 have been defending the honor of democracy on behalf of Super Earth ever since the game came out back in February. While the player base might have been successful in pushing back the Automatons and the Terminids a few times, they unfortunately keep coming back, stronger than before.

A still of The Terminids from Helldivers 2
Players get to fight against The Automatons and The Terminids in-game

With the evergrowing resistance from the enemy factions, it has become near-impossible for the helldivers to defend all the fronts at once. This has also been acknowledged by none other than Spitz, a community manager for Arrowhead Studios who has warned the players of what the future might hold next.

Helldivers 2 Community Manager Warns Soldiers Of Super-Earth

As mentioned before, the battle against the enemy factions has been fierce from day one, and the difficulty keeps growing every single day. As the force from the opponents keeps growing, Spitz, a community manager on Helldivers 2’s official Discord server, as noted by Gamesradar, has stated-


“We’ve poked the Terminid swarm and allowed the Automatons time to regroup, so both factions are pushing hard and attempting to reclaim territory. Defend Events will be frequent and players now have to choose which front they want to fight on, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to hold them all.

The developer ultimately disclosed how the Automatons and Terminids look forward to attacking repeatedly till the time they reclaim their previously owned territory. Spitz also revealed how this will prompt the game to introduce defending events more often, prompting the players to choose what front they want to protect at the end of the day.

A still from Helldivers 2
A Community manager has warned the players that they might not be able to defend all the fronts

While this is already bad news, more awaits around the corner for those who like to add a little fire to their combat playstyle. As it turns out, the recent balance updates have brought with them a nuisance for players to deal with as fire has become a little too hot to handle.


Why Fire Is Burning Players To A Crisp In Helldivers 2

As complained by many, the damage done by fire in the game is just a little too much for anyone to handle. It has become way harder for players to deal with enemies that wield fire-spitting weapons, just like a few Automaton units. It has also become impossible to survive on planets that randomly generate fire tornadoes having the ability to burn the player to a crisp within the blink of an eye.

A still of a player using flamethrower in-game
Fire is doing a bit too much damage to players currently in Helldivers 2

The broken mechanic was also acknowledged by none other than Twinbeard, another community manager for the game. He revealed to players how the studio is currently experimenting with reworking fire as a whole, which includes different mechanics such as Damage-Over-Time (DOT), Damage-Per-Second (DPS), and similar elements.

Helldivers 2 is available to purchase on Steam.

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