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‘It’s Very Fun to Be In His World’: Kevin Feige Reveals Deadpool 3 Will Have ‘Elevated’ Quality Like Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok, Reveals He’s Enjoying Working With Ryan Reynolds

Kevin Feige, the chief of Marvel Studious draws a tough comparison between Deadpool 3 and other films like Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok. Deadpool 3 unfortunately did not make it to the projects announced during the San Diego Comic-Con. But when asked about the movie, Kevin Feige pulls in the comparison.

Kevin Fiege
Kevin Feige- Chief of Marvel Studious

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What did Kevin Feige say?

Chris Evans and RDJ in Civil War
Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Kevin Feige tole to The Hollywood Reporter, “How do we elevate it in the way we’ve been able to with Civil War, and Infinity War and Ragnarok? It’s very fun to be in the world of the Ryan Reynolds Show.”

The three films represented big swings for Marvel. 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, was the follow-up of The Winter Soldier, but that movie was more of an Avengers film. It helped to pave the way for Infinity War and also introduced Spider-Man and Black Panther played by Tom Holland and Late Chadwick Boseman respectively in the MCU.

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Marvel is an expert with Threequels:

Ryan Renolds, Shawn Levy
Deadpool 3 to be directed by Shawn Levy

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Infinity War was the last addition to the end of The Infinity Saga. The first three phases of MCU showed how Thanos finally achieved his motive by bringing balance to the universe by wiping out half of the human lives, which also included the death of many fan-favorite Marvel heroes. With its massive popularity, Infinity War is currently the fourth highest-grossing movie of all time, and Avengers: Endgame is in the second position.


On the other hand, Thor: Ragnarok was a major shift from the franchise. This threequel had a lot of emotional moments, but they were neutralized with a lot of good humor that broke the wise-cracking MCU mold. This was also one of the reasons why Chris Hemsworth was interested in Thor for one more film at the very least.

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Expectations are definitely up for the arrival of Deadpool 3 but Marvel cannot play safe here. After 2018’s Deadpool 2, the significance of the movie is really at the edge since it is possibly MCU’s first and only R-rated release.

Shawn Levy will be directing Deadpool 3. He also worked with Reynolds on The Adam Project and Free Guy.

Deadpool 3 is rumored to be released in February of 2023.


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