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“It’s where he crawls back to life”: Stranger Things 5 Reveal Has Fans Convinced Eddie Munson Will Return to Series After Apparent Death in Last Season

Fans think Eddie Munson will come back as a vampire in Stranger Things season 5

Netflix made a huge announcement today about the upcoming and final season of the famous sci-fi mystery series, Stranger Things.

The official account of Netflix on Twitter took to the social media platform to reveal the name of the premiere episode of season 5 of the popular show by The Duffer Brothers, and fans are losing it over the title as they are convinced that it’s a hint towards the return of their favorite character, Eddie Munson who is played by Joseph Quinn.

Joe Quinn Eddie Munson Hellfire Club
Joe Quinn as Eddie Munson

Although Eddie was presumed dead at the end of season 4 of Stranger Things, fans refused to believe that he wouldn’t come back to the show’s finale in its last season. And the revelation of the title of the first episode of season 5 seems to have fueled this fire of hope even more as people seem to be completely sure about seeing Joseph Quinn’s character yet again.

Netflix rouses suspicion amongst fans about Eddie Munson’s revival

Netflix tweeted about the upcoming season of Stranger Things and revealed its premiere episode is going to be titled “Chapter One: The Crawl.” And that’s it. Those four words are all it took for the fandom to break into a frenzy of elation.

In the last season of the show, Joseph Quinn’s character, Eddie Munson was seen getting killed by a vicious army of Demobats as the creatures attacked and wounded him fatally to the point where he bled out in the Upside Down and eventually died.

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Eddie Munson's brutal death in season 4
Eddie Munson’s brutal death in season 4

Eddie’s death was a heavy blow to the audience as they were rendered inconsolable in the wake of the awful incident. However, fans have also concocted various theories and multiple speculations ever since, all of which involve the revival of the leader of the Hellfire Club. One of the most popular and persistent theories among these is that Quinn would reprise his role in the show’s finale with Eddie becoming a vampire.

The D&D theory about Eddie coming back as Kas the Vampire

In Dungeons & Dragons, the game that marks the beginning of it all, Kas, besides being a human vampire, is also the right-hand man of Vecna and is said to be in loyal servitude to the supervillain for the longest time. Eventually, though, Kas betrays Vecna and ends up defeating him by killing him instead. And fans believe that Eddie would be resuscitated as Kas the Bloody Handed in season 5.

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Joseph Quinn allegedly replacing Robert Downey Jr. in upcoming MCU movies.
Fans believe Joseph Quinn will come back as Eddie Munson

This particular fan theory has been swirling around for quite a while now, and fans haven’t simply conjured it up out of thin air. In fact, it has everything to do with certain aspects of the fourth season, the very first episode of it to be precise, wherein Finn Wolfhard who plays the role of Mike claimed that Kas is the one who kills Vecna, as the Hellfire Club met up to play D&D.

Not only was Eddie bit by the Demobats in season 4’s finale but the audience didn’t exactly get to see what happens to his body post the attack as Dustin was forced to leave the Upside Down with his best friend dying after bleeding out. And that is exactly why fans are expecting him to make an epic comeback in season 5 as Kas.

Stranger Things fans believe Eddie Munson will return in S5

The premiere episode of Season 5 is called “The Crawl,” and fans are of the unwavering conviction that the title points to Eddie crawling back to life as Kas, the human vampire who ultimately defeats Vecna, after his apparent death in the last season.

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To say fans are hyped up about season 5, would be an understatement as people seem to be pumped up with excitement as they impatiently await the final season of the show.

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The Duffer Brothers haven’t started with the filming of the final season yet so season 5 is expected to drop at the beginning of 2024, if not in the latter part of 2023.

Meanwhile, the first four seasons of Stranger Things are available for streaming on Netflix.

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