“It’s will always be Christian”: Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck Have Not Done Enough to Change Jonathan Nolan’s Mind About the Best Batman Ever

Jonathan Nolan revealed his favorite Batman will always be Christian Bale's portrayal of the iconic DC character.

jonathan nolan, Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight
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  • Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman in Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' trilogy is hailed as unbeatable by Jonathan Nolan.
  • Jonathan Nolan was the co-screenwriter of the last two films in the glorious film series.
  • Jonathan Nolan was partly responsible for the extension of the franchise as his brother was not ready to go further than 'Batman Begins.'
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Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale created marvel with DC character Batman as the actor/director duo made a glorious trilogy based on the titular Gotham hero. Christopher Nolan’s brother Jonathan Nolan who was involved in the last two movies in The Dark Knight trilogy as the co-screenwriter, recently declared that Bale’s portrayal of Batman is unbeatable.

Christian Bale's Batman standing by his Batsuit
Christian Bale as Batman

The Dark Knight trilogy was not just another successful movie series added to the legacy of Christopher Nolan, the director brought the essence of Caped Crusader in the light that reached millions across the globe. The movie series, especially the second movie, The Dark Knight has been a pop-cultural phenomenon over the years. Now, Jonathan Nolan thinks that Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck are not anywhere near Bale’s Batman.

Jonathan Nolan Hailed Christian Bale’s Batman

Jonathan Nolan in an interview
Jonathan Nolan. Credit: SHOWSHA/YT

Almost every DC fan must have mourned the sudden departure of Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne without a proper goodbye film. Also, despite initial doubt, fans have been happy with Twilight Saga star Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman in Matt Reeves’ film that went on to gross over $766 million (per The Numbers). But if Jonathan Nolan has to compare, Affleck and Pattinson have not done enough to change his mind about the best Batman according to him. Also, Nolan would only want Christian Bale’s Batman to see on screen again. “Oh for me, it’s it will always be Christian,” Nolan told SHOWSHA. But the Fallout director has acknowledged that other people have picked up the legacy of the character after he has moved on from Batman. “It’s been a minute we’ve moved on to other things,” he said.


“And of course, other people have picked up the mantle as before us, have picked up the mantle and moved forward with those characters um but I do think back to the experience of working on those movies every now and then what a what a thrill, what a thrill it was.”

Bale’s Batman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy is widely considered to be one of the greatest portrayals of the billionaire superhero. The movie series was a roaring success at the box office while being a critical darling.

There Would Not Be The Dark Knight Trilogy Without Jonathan Nolan

Christian Bale's Batman near his Batsuit
Christian Bale’s Batman/Bruce Wayne

Jonathan Nolan is partly responsible for the extension of the movie series as it evolved into a trilogy. He previously revealed that his brother was reluctant to make the sequels after his Batman Begins. Jonathan had to convince his brother to direct the sequels as he was quite satisfied with the first movie he directed diving into the origin story of the beloved DC hero. “I think Chris was somewhat reluctant to do it,” Jonathan told Josh Horowitz during his promotional tour of the recent Prime Video series Fallout.

“He was, frankly, unsure about whether he wanted to make another Batman movie. I don’t think he wanted to repeat himself. I think he was very satisfied with the film he made. He was very proud of Batman Begins. I was as well, but from my perspective.” 

Jonathan further referred to the analogy of a sports car explaining his point.


“I was like, ‘It’s like we’ve made this sports car. We’ve built this sports car and don’t you wanna take it for a drive?’ It felt clear to me that Chris was on the fence about making another movie. So it was kinda on me to prove [this is worth it].”

So, in this regard, DC fans owe thanks to Jonathan for his insistence on the franchise while his brother almost gave it up for good. The sequel turned out to be one of the greatest superhero movies of all time grossing over $1 billion at the global box office (per ScreenRant) and the movie remained Christopher Nolan’s highest-grossing movie to date.

The Dark Knight trilogy is available to stream on Max.


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