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“I’ve always wanted to play a Bond villain”: Succession Star Brian Cox Elated After Finally Landing 007 Project Despite Not Being on Film

Brian Cox’s dream finally gets fulfilled, albeit with a twist

succession star brian cox elated after finally landing 007 project despite not being on film


  • Brian Cox has gained phenomenal success as the iconic character of Logan Ray in the hit series Succession
  • He always wanted to portray the role of a Bond villain
  • Cox finally managed to land the role of a Bond villain but not in any of the James Bond films!

Brian Cox has been known around the world as the iconic character of Logan Ray in the hit series Succession. With notable roles to his name, the actor has starred in movies like Troy, Manhunter, and, Braveheart.

Being a veteran actor, Brian Cox had always wanted to portray the role of a Bond villain. With an almost obsession for the character, Cox finally managed to land the role of a Bond villain but not in any of the James Bond films!

Brian Cox in Succession (2018 - 2023)
Brian Cox in Succession (2018 – 2023)

Brian Cox Always Wanted To Play A Bond Villain

The villains of the James Bond franchise are as iconic as the 007 Agent himself. Being a notable actor, Brian Cox also wanted in on the action by portraying an iconic antagonist. Well, the dream indeed became a reality for the actor but he isn’t the villain of a Bond film. Instead, Cox is the villain in the James Bond-themed series, 007: Road to a Million.

Brian Cox in a still from Troy
Brian Cox in a still from Troy

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Speaking to VarietyCox revealed his reasons for joining the series. The primary reason was that “they paid an enormous amount of money”. Continuing his interview, the actor further revealed that he always wanted to be a Bond villain and he finally got the chance.

“I thought ‘Oh, 007, finally,’ I should have realized that we haven’t got a new James Bond so why would they be casting a villain? But I thought: ‘This might be my big moment to play a Bond villain.’ I’ve always wanted to play a Bond villain.”

Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the James Bond franchise also revealed on the black carpet premiere of the series that Brian Cox would have been a great spy too.

“He would have been a great Bond. He’s amazing and audiences love him and he’s so great in the show.”

Being an outspoken actor, Brian Cox wasn’t afraid of giving an interviewer a piece of his mind when they asked him about why American movies always have British villains.


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Brian Cox on Why American Movies Have British Villains

Brian Cox
Brian Cox As William Stryker

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This has often been seen that American movies have a knack for casting British people in antagonistic roles. Speaking to GQ Magazine, the actor gave some controversial opinions about how he sees America and how America always despises British people.

“They love all that. It’s funny because America is such a naive country in many ways. A f*cked country in other ways, these days. But one of the reasons for my success when I made my foray into movies was because they don’t trust the [British], they see them as suspicious.”

It seems that the veteran actor finally got to portray the role of a Bond villain although it may be for a reality TV show. The show will include people competing in spy-esque games to earn their way to a million dollars. Cox’s project, 007: Road to a Millionaire is currently set for a release date of 10 November 2023 and will be launched on Prime Video for the world.

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