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“I’ve been asking everyone”: Eternals Star Barry Keoghan Desperate to Star in Taika Waititi’s Star Wars Film, Fans Ask If He Hasn’t Yet Watched Thor: Love and Thunder

Barry Keoghan , Taika Waititi: Star Wars

We know that Barry Keoghan is one of the most beloved actors, whose talent and performance have landed him some famous roles in the industry’s biggest franchises. After years of being a most compelling star, the actor wants to try something off the grid.

Barry Keoghan wants to join Star Wars
Barry Keoghan wants to join Star Wars

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According to the latest tweet by DiscussingFilm states, it is revealed that ‘Barry Keoghan is hellbent on getting a role in Taika Waititi’s Star Wars film.’ The Eternals’ star is truly wishing to work with some big projects and best-known Hollywood names, and that’s none aside from Hollywood’s most popular director, Taika Waititi.

Barry Keoghan Is Tracking Down Taika Waititi for Making a Role in Star Wars Movie

Taika Waititi is eyed by Barry Keoghan
Taika Waititi is eyed by Barry Keoghan

The star has been highly recognised for working with Hollywood’s quirkiest directors and actors, and names like Christopher Nolan, Chloé Zhao, and Martin McDonagh, have also been following up on joining Taika Waititi’s invitation to star wars movies. Barry Keoghan even himself admitted that he trying hard for securing a role in the Star Wars sequel.

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In an interview, the actor revealed that he’s being fairly desperate about trying to get a meeting for it and said, “I’m tryna meet him, I’ve been askin’ everybody.” After the tweet got posted fans started asking if he hasn’t yet watched Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Barry Keoghan Plans to Work With Hollywood’s Best Directors

The Batman star Barry Keoghan
The Batman star Barry Keoghan

On other hand, According to an interview the actor has not yet been invited back for the sequel to The Batman, which has been anticipated to go into production in 2023. But it seems like the actor is less worried about that and focusing on tracking down Taika Waititi. Not only the Star Wars director but he also listed some more directors with whom he wishes to work with. There are about 30 names including Andrea Arnold, Lynne Ramsay, and Céline Sciamma, the most wanted in his head, and he feels like he can be more comfortable working with a female director.

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Written by Shreeparna Das