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“I’ve been there and it’s embarrassing”: Ben Affleck Reveals Why He Let Younger Brother Casey Affleck Play Lead in $34M Crime Thriller Debut

“I’ve been there and it’s embarrassing”: Ben Affleck Reveals Why He Let Younger Brother Casey Affleck Play Lead in $34M Crime Thriller Debut

Ben Affleck is considered one of the top celebrities in the Hollywood Industry. Apart from having a successful career in acting and starring in some big movies and franchises. Affleck has also gained an interest in directing since his initial career years. Recently he and his friend Matt Damon launched their own production company named Artists Equity to fulfill their dream of filmmaking.

The Batman star recently directed a film named Air, which has already arrived in theatres on April 5th. Over the years, Affleck has received immense fame through movies. The acting blood runs in the veins of the Affleck family, as the Argo actor has a brother who is also an Oscar-Winning Star.

Casey Affleck Opted For The Role In Ben Affleck’s Gone Baby Gone

Siblings Casey and Ben Affleck
Brothers Casey and Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck’s resume as a director is not just filled with one film but many. He has helmed several films like The Town, Argo, Gone Baby Gone, Live By Night and I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her On A Meat Hook and Now I Have a Three Picture Disney Deal. Casey Affleck and Ben Affleck share a pretty special sibling bond. As a director in the movie named Gone Baby Gone, he cast his own brother Casey Affleck for the lead role of Patrick Kenzie.

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Gone Baby Gone
Gone Baby Gone

He thought that the role suited his brother much better than him, and that’s the reason Affleck turned down the role and focused on the direction. In a past interview, he expressed his thoughts on his directorial debut and this film.

“I want [the film] to work. Badly. I mean, a sh*tty movie comes out on 2,800 screens? I’ve been there and it’s embarrassing. That’s why there’s something really great about directing — about having authorship over something. If you don’t like this movie, I’m the guy to see. I’m the guy to criticize. I take some measure of comfort in that. It’s fair, at least.”

Gone Baby Gone did pretty well at the box office and even got positive reviews from the critics. The film grossed $34 Million at the box office against a budget of $19 Million. The movie’s story revolves around Aunt Beatrice’s hiring a detective to find her lost daughter. Throughout the mission, the detectives face involvement of drugs, pedophiles, and dangerous missions.

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Chris Evans Was A Part Of Ben Affleck Helmed Gone Baby Gone

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Chris Evans is one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood. He is popularly known for his character Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apart from working in this big franchise, he also has quite an impressive resume when it comes to other Hollywood hits. When the auditions for Gone Baby Gone were going on Chris Evans was still mid-way through his future successful career. In one of the interviews, Chris Evans explained how he was starstruck by Ben Affleck and also was anxious about the audition.

“From that moment, I just wanted to get the f— out of the room. I just wanted to be anywhere but there. I sat down with my heart beating out of my chest, I was so mortified that I started this meeting off that way. I started giving him one-word answers.”

Unfortunately, for The Ghosted actor things didn’t go well in the audition and he panicked too throughout the process. Evans also mentioned he started off by giving one-word answers to Affleck. He termed his audition experience to be a complete disaster and also he didn’t get the job.

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