“I’ve come from a long line of broken marriages”: Saying “I Do” to Jennifer Flavin Was Tough for Sylvester Stallone after Two Nightmare Marriages

"I've come from a long line of broken marriages": Saying "I Do" to Jennifer Flavin Was Tough for Sylvester Stallone after Two Nightmare Marriages
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Sylvester Stallone is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood at the moment. He has worked in various films and done some of the most loved roles, making him an absolute fan-favorite. With his talent, the actor has reached some of the most amazing heights of his career. Even though his career has been a streak of success, his personal life has seen a lot of ups and downs.

Sylvester Stallone
Action star Sylvester Stallone

He has been associated with a lot of women in his past and he was mostly okay with that. However, one thing he stood against was marrying more than once. That, unfortunately, did not go his way as Stallone got married quite a few times. It was difficult for him to come to terms with and an internal battle had struck, one which he knew he had to win.

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Sylvester Stallone Broke His Internal Stigma

Whether for actors or people around the world, growing up, the environment in which one resides deeply impacts their cognition. If it is about the perception of family, healthy living, or love; it is the surrounding environment that plays one of the biggest roles in developing a positive idea of key factors. Sylvester Stallone grew up in a household where love wasn’t as freely given. He saw the broken marriage of his parents, one which ultimately left to divorce.

Sylvester Stallone is an A-list star
Sylvester Stallone

“It took me a long time to be convinced that marriage was right for me because I’ve come from a long line of broken marriages.”

The actor took a long time to understand what kind of love he wanted and deserves. Seeing broken marriages throughout his life, the actor yearned for a love that would last a lifetime. Loving someone once and never finding anyone else, marrying them, and having a family with them. That was Stallone’s perception of love. However, he found love more than once.

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Sylvester Stallone Almost Had Three Broken Marriages

Sylvester Stallone had been married twice before he met his current wife Jennifer Flavin. The actor was with his first wife Sasha Czack for a decade before the two parted ways. He had cheated on her and things only went downhill for them since then. He then married Brigitte Nielsen but broke things off with her only after a year. The reason for the same was how unhappy both of them were in the marriage.

Sylvester Stallone with wife
Sylvester Stallone with wife Jeniffer Flavin

“I yielded to temptation. I was seduced. I explored my every fantasy. … I have regrets, but I don’t hold myself in contempt.”

The actor later tied the knot with Jennifer Flavin and the two had been together for over three decades before things started falling apart for them. Although the two seemed extremely happy for the most part, Flavin confirmed that she had filed for divorce in 2022. However, the two patched things up in only a month and have been together ever since.

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