“I’ve lost 15 friends in the last 20 or so years”: Arnold Schwarzenegger, 75, Terrified of Death, Visited Experts to Cheat it

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 75, Terrified of Death, Visited Experts to Cheat it
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is perhaps one of the most fearless and strongest men ever. People all over the world look up to him for inspiration and strength. His pictures adorn the walls of gymnasiums everywhere. The former governor of California is an icon for peak human achievement.


However, Schwarzenegger himself is not perfect. He has his limitations, fears, and weaknesses like the rest of us. For The Terminator star, it is death that terrifies him the most, and this revelation was accompanied by the startling details of the lengths that the former Governor of California went to beat death. His fear drove him to find a solution to one of the questions that have plagued mankind forever.

Death Terrifies Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is best known for his bodybuilding legacy and his evergreen acting career. He is one of the most stunning and incredibly talented actors whose phenomenal acting chops and stunt work on the silver screen have gained him worldwide attention and popularity. 


In a recent candid interview, The Terminator movie actor made a bombshell revelation stating he “doesn’t feel comfortable talking about death.” The Austrian native star shares he has lost nearly 15 friends in the last 20 years from within his bodybuilding field. During the conversation, Danny Devito asked Arnold Schwarzenegger, “What’s in the future for us?” to which the 75-year-old actor replied, 

“It reminds me of Howard Stern’s question to me. ‘Tell me, governor, what happens to us when we die?’ I said, ‘Nothing. You’re 6 feet under. Anyone that tells you something else is a f—ing liar.'”

The former governor of California continued,

“I said, ‘We don’t know what happens with the soul and all this spiritual stuff that I’m not an expert in, but I know that the body as we see each other now, we will never see each other again like that.'” 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Red Sonja

The actor added that many might feel comfortable discussing death, but he doesn’t. The True Lies movie star explained,


“When people talk about, ‘I will see them again in heaven,’ it sounds so good, but the reality is that we won’t see each other again after we’re gone. That’s the sad part. I know people feel comfortable with death, but I don’t.

The Predator movie star also reflects on losing 15 of his friends from within his bodybuilding legacy, claiming,

“To me, heaven is where I put a person who I love dearly, who is kind, who is generous, who made a difference in my life, and other people’s lives. I keep them in a spot in my head, like that front row that you have of all of your friends. And you always have a good feeling when you think of them.”

Schwarzenegger has had his fair share of ups and downs in his career, and the actor has faced some of the darkest phases in life. Nevertheless, with his professionalism and will to work hard, he steadily became a global superstar by incredibly impacting the box office numbers in the movie business.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Broke His Silence on Plastic Surgery Rumors

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

The actor once trashed the rumors that he has undergone plastic surgery to look youthful, as many people have speculated over the years if he has done any cosmetic procedures. In an interview, the Stay Hunger film star revealed that he had never undergone surgery.

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However, the actor claimed that he did look into non-traditional anti-aging treatments and visited the University of California, Los Angeles, to consult aging experts. Schwarzenegger told THR, 


“No, I never had cosmetic surgery. I never tried any gimmicks. Years ago, I [went to] UCLA, where they have world-renowned experts on aging.”

 He continued,

“I asked if anything has been created or that is about to be available that reverses aging. Absolutely nothing, end of story. The only thing you can do is the old-fashioned stuff. I could wipe out earlier because I smoke cigars, but then it gets counterbalanced by me eating well and then exercising.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest project, FUBAR, is now out on Netflix.

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