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“I’ve never forgotten it”: Henry Cavill Nearly Quit Acting Before Meeting Sir Patrick Stewart Despite Blaming X-Men Star for Screwing His Audition

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Not all actors make it big, but an actor like Henry Cavill is quite commendable because he is one such actor who has built his career from scratch. As far as history shows us, the British actor is definitely one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood right now despite having been unexpectedly kicked out of the DCU after a much-awaited return.

However, the success of his career was not something that just came overnight. A lot of work goes into making a name in an industry as competitive as Hollywood (or the movie industry in general). Here’s one instance from Cavill’s early days as a young actor that inspired him to go to the top, and it features Professor X!

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Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill Fumbled An Audition Due To Patrick Stewart’s Presence

Everyone has their heroes, we all have heroes to look up to. It’s essential to keep an idolized figure because that person’s actions and achievements can inspire you to make it to the top. While he may not be his literal hero, Henry Cavill once received some kind words from X-Men star Patrick Stewart back when the former was building a name for himself in the movie industry.

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Henry Cavill

The struggle of making it to the top of Hollywood’s elite is no easy task, and it comes with a lot of harsh criticism and feedback. The Man of Steel actor once auditioned for the role of James Bond back in the 2000s but was denied the role because he looked a bit “chubby”– as put clearly by Casino Royale director Martin Campbell.

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Cue Cavill’s audition for The Lion in Winter, a movie starring Patrick Stewart in a lead role. The remake of the iconic 1966 play didn’t give Cavill the role he wanted, but he got a few words from an actor like Stewart who was already an established actor really boosted the Argylle star’s morale.


During Variety’s Actor on Actor interview piece featuring Stewart and Cavill in 2020, the latter revealed that he fumbled the audition for The Lion in Winter because he was intimidated by the presence of the Professor X actor-

“I’d been acting for three years, I was incredibly nervous to audition in front of an actor of your (Patrick Stewart) caliber. I had spent weeks learning my lines, and by the time I got in there, I’d whipped myself into such a frenzy that I completely flubbed the audition.”

“I forgot how to act, and then I left with my tail in between my legs.”

A huge letdown for the iconic Superman actor, but he refused to let his story end there.

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Patrick Stewart’s Kind Words Rejuvenated Henry Cavill’s Faith In Building A Career

Ultimately, Henry Cavill didn’t get a spot in the movie. But there’s always a second try, right? He gave his audition once again, and the elephant in the room said something to Cavill which really moved him in the right direction.

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Patrick Stewart and Henry Cavill during the interview

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During the very same Actor on Actor interview featuring Patrick Stewart and Henry Cavill, the latter revealed-

“I did another audition. It wasn’t good enough to get the job, but it was far better. You (Patrick Stewart) said, ‘I’m so glad that you came back,’ and that gave me such strength throughout my career, and I’ve never forgotten it.”

Hearing such words from a person with a ton of experience must have been rejuvenating, especially when you’ve already gone through enough rough patches in your work. Way to go Stewart!

Man of Steel is currently available for streaming on HBO Max

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