“I’ve waited so long for this”: Only Thing That Can Top Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Return is Nicolas Cage’s Return in $788 Million Franchise and Now That Seems More Possible Than Ever

Fans are rooting for Nicolas Cage's return in Disney's hit franchise which might be a huge success as Hugh Jackman's Wolverine return.

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  • A third installment of the 'National Treasure' franchise is reportedly in development.
  • Nicolas Cage will return as the lead character Benjamin Franklin.
  • Cage’s return to the franchise would be, huge similar to Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine.
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Nicolas Cage fans must have been overjoyed by the recent update of his hit Disney movie franchise National Treasure. After 17 years of the release of the second installment in the franchise, a potential National Treasure 3 is reportedly in the works which will bring back Cage as Benjamin Franklin.

A still from National Treasure: Book of Secrets
A still from National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

National Treasure 3 will make the franchise a trilogy and the success of the upcoming movie will determine if more installments can be added. Directed by Jon Turteltaub, the National Treasure franchise was a commercial success although the response from critics was not celebratory. Still, the franchise deserves one more installment. Also, Cage’s return would create the astonishing buzz as Hugh Jackman did following his return as Wolverine.

Nicolas Cage’s Return In National Treasure Would Be As Big As Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

Nicolas Cage in a still from National Treasure
Nicolas Cage in a still from National Treasure. Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

When the news of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine return for Deadpool & Wolverine hit the media, it caused a huge splash as the iconic character died in the 2017 movie Logan. It was a grand farewell for the character but his return (although as a different variant) has surprised many fans. 


Now, as Nicolas Cage has the potential to return to his National Treasure franchise for another installment, it could top the grand return of Wolverine. In a recent interview with the National Treasure Hunt podcast, director Jon Turteltaub gave insight into the movie’s development. “It’s being written,” Turteltaub said in the podcast.

We all know what’s in it. But there’s a very, very good writer writing it right now who tends to write really good movies. If the script comes out close to good and you can see the finish line from where you are, we’re making the movie.

The director further revealed that Cage’s return would be “100%” imminent. This is certainly good news for Cage and National Treasure fans.

Fans Reacted To Nicolas Cage’s Return In National Treasure

National Treasure
Nicolas Cage with his National Treasure co-stars. Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

The extension of the National Treasure franchise would reunite Turteltaub with Cage but the director acknowledged the changing landscape in culture emphasizing the need to make the movie a reality sooner. 


We do have to hurry because people are both getting older and less interested and lives are changing and all that. And the world changes. Our culture is changing. A lot. Since the first movie was made. Socially, certainly politically, and definitely, our language, and different cultural changes we’ve had. And you’ve got to make sure you’re in touch with all that and moving with it, and doing things the right way.

Fans reacted to the return of the legend in the hit franchise that claimed a stunning $788.6 million worldwide (per The Numbers).



Several actors have revealed their interest in reprising their iconic characters. MCU vet Robert Downey Jr. recently revealed that he would happily return to play Iron Man, Jon Bernthal has got his desire fulfilled with his return as Frank Castle in Daredevil: Born Again. Also, Henry Cavill would gladly join DC again with his iconic character Superman (per Looper).

Cage has been doing acclaimed movies recently sustaining his prowess and relevance in the industry with different roles. The actor certainly has a lot on his plate but his return to the franchise would spark life to the deadbeat of the franchise in Disney that was propelled by the failed spin-off series National Treasure: Edge of History.


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