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Jackie Chan Called MCU “Fools” for Choosing Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man: “No one hires me”

Jackie Chan Called MCU "Fools" for Choosing Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man: "No one hires me"

Jackie Chan is one of the most esteemed actors who is heavily respected throughout the Hollywood industry. Similarly, Robert Downey Jr. proved very early on that the only standing version of Iron Man who can ever dominate the hearts of the fans would be him. Even when his contract was to be renegotiated a decade ago. His journey from 2008 to 2019 had been an enticing one, with many actors questioning whether or not they should have denied the role in the first place.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Various other actors also rose with their desire to play Tony Stark. Many even voiced their interest, stating that in the possible future, they would love to play the character. Iron Man’s legacy became legendary and very quickly the role was no longer one which could be replaced, but one which has to be remembered.

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Jackie Chan Wanted To Become Iron Man

2013 saw Robert Downey Jr.’s contract as Iron Man get renewed. However, when it was in due process, Jackie Chan expressed how he also wished that someone would ask him to play Iron Man. He stated that he loves the character dearly and would never say no to an opportunity to play the superhero.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

“I really want to play Iron Man but I don’t think the audiences want to see me as Iron Man. Anyway, nobody pays me big money to make this kind of movie. I love Iron Man and this kind of movie, but no one hires me. Fools!”

Chan claimed that no one asks him for such roles and nobody chooses to hire him either. The actor frustratingly focused on how it had become more and more difficult to get paid the big bucks for iconic roles despite him being willing to act in more mainstream roles rather than the same old action movies. He also said that he wanted to explore more of the science fiction genre and step out of the action movie lane.

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Jackie Chan Wanted A Body Double

Jackie Chan wanted to get out of the martial arts pro image who doesn’t need a body double and can handle everything on his own. He focused on his age and how he was getting older, making it difficult for him to do his own stunts.

Jackie Chan in Rush Hour
Jackie Chan

“No one wants to pay me the big money to play in sci-fi movies. Everyone wants to see me do action. But I have to tell my audience, sometimes I might use a stunt double now, you might see some green screen, forgive me because I’m not young anymore.”

Furthermore, Chan complained about how he also wants to work with green screens and body doubles, taking the load off of his back. He has to continuously remind people that age changes a person and help is not always wrong.

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Source: IGN

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