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Jake Peralta: Top 5 Finest Detective Moments

Jake Peralta Top 5 Finest Detective Moments

Jake Peralta is the amazing human being slash genius. And he is one of the best detectives of all time! Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming to an end with season 8. This is the best opportunity to look at the top 5 finest detective moments of Jake Peralta, the seemingly immature yet genius detective.

Sleep-deprived yet solves an unsolvable case

Jake Peralta Unsolvable






In the episode “Unsolvable”, Jake Peralta and Terry investigate a case that hasn’t been solved yet. They go over the details once again yet come to the same conclusion. Unsolvable!

But Jake Peralta spends a sleepless night and digs through the evidence, especially the polygraph test of the alleged culprit’s wife. That’s when he deduces that the victim and culprit switched places, thus solving the unsolvable case. This proves that he is the best detective in Nine-Nine.

Starts with zero proof yet solves the case in 48 hours

Jake Peralta 48 Hours






The episode “48 hours” shows Jake’s impulsive behavior that doesn’t play in his favor as a detective. He arrests Dustin Whitman without any proof starting the clock for 48 hours. With time running out, it seems that Jake Peralta might not be able to solve the case.

However, while having a normal conversation, it triggers Jake’s mind to determine that Whitman planned the heist with his cellmate. This shows Jake’s ability to solve the case in the given time.

Triggers the clever dentist into confessing his crime

Jake Peralta The Box






In the episode “The Box”, Jake meets the toughest of cases to date. He is met with a clever dentist who has committed the crime yet has not confessed. He is charismatic and won’t fall for any cheap tricks.

Not just Jake but Captain Holt was unable to get a confession out of the dentist played by the brilliant Sterling K. Brown. But Jake challenges Philip’s ego and says that the crime was not so perfect at all. This prompts Philip to confess his crime in the heat of the moment. And that was a brilliant performance from detective Jake Peralta!

Jake went crazy solving a case but solved it in the end

The Crime Scene






The sixth episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine brings Jake and Rosa to their toughest case. They have to work with CSI. But they also have to fulfill the promise Jake has made to the victim’s mother of finding the killer.

Jake goes crazy over solving the case. And he does solve the case once the crime scene is cleared. They find that the killer was hiding in the vent and escaped. The episode also shows them interrogating the killer at the end. Stretched for 2 months, Jake and Rosa finally solve the case.

Jake Outsmarts Captain Holt in First Halloween Heist







Halloween heist is a common feature in the show. And in the first Halloween heist, Jake outsmarts Captain Holt to become the amazing human being slash genius.

Pretending to fail multiple times, Jake wins the bet and kickstarts the tradition.

Did we miss any detective moments of Jake Peralta? Comment down below!


Written by Aditi Thosar