James Bond: Bond Girls Who Were Way Better Than 007

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Almost all of the popular ‘Bond Girls’ in the early 1960s and 1970s James Bond flicks were forgettable. They were ambiguous youthful ingénues who slept with the protagonist and were soon murdered by some criminal genius. Some of them in the last decade, however, have broken those constraints by becoming bold friends and foes with the strong demonstration that they never need to be rescued. Here are the top 5 Bond Girls who were way better than 007:


1. Anya Amasova played by Barbara Bach

One of the Bond Girls who is better than 007.
American actress and model, best known as Bond girl Anya Amasova from The Spy Who Loved Me.

Amasova is one of Bond’s earliest matches, appearing in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me. In the Austrian Alps, Anya’s lover almost kills Bond. The two soon realize they must collaborate, and fight to win over their respective superiors. When Anya learns that Bond murdered her boyfriend, she pledges to murder him once the assignment is completed but instead falls in love with him. She is a very fascinating character who contributes a lot to the success of the picture.

2. Xenia Onatopp played by Famke Janssen


For whatever reason, the trend for insinuating, mildly absurd names hadn’t fully faded out by 1995. And, while Xenia may be a sociopath with a bizarre fondness for bald generals, she’s no slouch when it comes to Bond girls. This Soviet fighter pilot and merciless assassin, portrayed by Famke Janssen of X-Men fame, is the classic mysterious and tempting villainess in James Bond: Goldeneye.

3. Pam Bouvier played by Carey Lowell

One of the Bond Girls who is better than 007.
American actress and former model, best known as ADA Jamie Ross in Law & Order.

In License to Kill, Bond resigns from MI6 in order to take revenge for a companion who was murdered by a brutal crime boss. He encounters Pam, a DEA agent who had just gotten out of a pub brawl. In the role, Carey Lowell displayed a strong core. She may be attractive in a gown, but she is also the one who saves Bond’s life in combat and kills a significant foe. It’s no surprise that Bond chooses her to go swimming with her in the end.

4. Tatiana Romanova played by Daniela Bianchi

One of the Bond Girls who is better than 007.
Italian actress, who studied ballet for eight years, and later worked as a fashion model.

Tatiana Romanova was featured in the 1963 film From Russia with Love. Rosa Klebb tasked her with enticing James Bond into Istanbul in order for him to steal a Lektor decoding machine. Once Bond had absorbed all of the danger, Klebb would dispatch her minion Red Grant to assassinate Bond and seize the machine. Tatiana, on the other hand, isn’t given the complete picture and assumes she’s serving her motherland. Interestingly, the sequence in which Tatiana greets Bond for the first time by getting into his bed is now utilized as a screentest for all future James Bond actors.


5. Pussy Galore played by Honor Blackman

One of the Bond Girls who is better than 007.
Late English actress, known for the roles in The Avengers, Goldfinger, Shalako, and Jason and the Argonauts.

Pussy Galore is among the most well-known Bond characters, obviously owing to her absurd name. Although Blackman’s persona is said to be based on Fleming’s real-life love Blanchette Blackwell, her character might differ significantly from the source material. This is because, in the novel, Galore is a black-haired lesbian who leads a squad of female cat burglars. Her bad-girl-turned-good plotline, however, has established her as a fan favorite.


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