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James Bond Candidate Henry Cavill’s $1.7M Sports Car Collection Has Everything From Electric Monsters To Vintage Fuel Guzzling Road Wraiths

James Bond Candidate Henry Cavill's $1.7M Sports Car Collection Has Everything From Electric Monsters To Vintage Fuel Guzzling Road Wraiths

Henry Cavill’s expensive lifestyle is no joke. Growing up on the Anglo-French island of Jersey, Channel Is., the actor upgraded his childhood experience of growing up amid history and luxury to a career where he can afford to do so without compromising on his dreams and passion. Such a unique combination of opportunities does not usually present itself to people often but considering how Cavill has been in the industry since he was 16 years old without being exposed to the harsher side of fame until 2013 gave him a comfortable range to build his career in acting and learn the ropes at the same time.

Henry Cavill – a definitive car enthusiast
Henry Cavill

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One of the happy side effects however of getting to grow into his eventual global celebrity status was his indulging in little awards of joy in the form of rare miniature collectibles and quarter-million dollar expensive luxury cars that the actor bought with his paychecks since his days on The Tudor.

Henry Cavill’s Coveted Luxury Car Collection

Cars have become a thing of symbol and status in modern society and with celebrities growing increasingly obsessed with fashion, elegance, and class in their technological choices, car manufacturers, too, have upped the stakes by combining the three factors into one metallic body of speed and luxury. Among numerous Hollywood stars boasting rare collections of motorbikes and vintage cars, Henry Cavill’s has to be, by far, the paradise for enthusiasts and aficionados.

Henry Cavill with his Ferrari
Henry Cavill with his Ferrari

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Be it Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, or Mercedes-Benz – you name it, Cavill has it. The collection began with a simple yet classy Peugeot 306 GTi and soon expanded to the coveted Aston Martin DBS (yes, the 007 one sans the cool gadgetry) which he bought with his Man of Steel paycheck in 2014. Valued at almost $300,000, the car may be one of the most expensive in his collection but also a worthy expenditure considering it definitely turns more heads with its V12 engine and 211 mph specs.

Since the Aston Martin, however, it has just been one continuous stretch of additions to his garage which is now valued at over $1.7 million and has to be the rarest and most diverse among the collections of any Hollywood celebrity to date.

A Virtual Peek Into Henry Cavill’s Expensive Garage

Cavill with his Audi
Cavill poses in front of his Audi

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Owning a grand total of 9 cars, Henry Cavill is host to the Ferrari 458 Spider – a car enthusiast’s dream; a McLaren MP4-12C – the rare supercar that took 7 years to be perfected; a Bentley Continental V8S – the icon of British luxury; the Mercedes-Benz E-Class; a Rolls-Royce Wraith – the most expensive among his collection; the luxury sedan, Cadillac XTS, which has been made more desirable after going out of production in 2019; and an Audi e-Tron GT – the only electronic one in his collection.

Beyond these, Henry Cavill owns a Ducati Panigale V4S and a Ducati XDiavel S – the only two motorcycles (both Italian) in his garage.

Source: The Richest

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