James Bond: DC’s Henry Cavill Surges Past Marvel Stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Idris Elba as 007 Favorite With Overwhelming Odds

James Bond: DC's Henry Cavill Surges Past Marvel Stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Idris Elba as 007 Favorite With Overwhelming Odds

With the departure of Daniel Craig as James Bond from the 007 franchise after almost a decade of devoting his life to the character, the race to find a new face to take the legacy further was initiated. Now, the world is eager to find out what lies ahead for James Bond and the subsequent story that will pursue him in the future.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

There have been a lot of speculation and rumors along with potential stars that are being taken into consideration for the role of the MI6 super spy, ranging from Idris Elba to the most likely candidate Aaron Taylor-Johnson. But with recent reports from sources about the direction the studio is taking to adapt a new Bond, the odds are turning in favor of a fan-favorite and highly desired candidate.

Henry Cavill Gets Ahead In The Race To Become James Bond

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Although the reign of Daniel Craig might be over as Agent 007, the legacy of the franchise will continue, which means a new face will inherit the name of James Bond shortly. But the problem with picking a new face to run the place is a long and tedious process, which also requires a lot of consideration from the executives. Thus, after reports of officials from Eon Productions making decisions based on the actor’s age and other similar aspects into the equation, the name of Henry Cavill is shining ever brighter.

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With Idris Elba stepping back and distancing himself from the list of potential candidates to play Bond, and the production company executives saying that they would prefer an actor not less or more than 40 years of age, the scales are tilting heavily in favor of the former The Witcher star. Even one of the UK’s top booking companies Ladbrokes has reported that the British public is heavily in favor of Cavill taking the name of James Bond and continuing the franchise for many more years to come.

While the former DC star has not vocally stated his desire to become the next Bond, he had previously auditioned to play the role of the super spy alongside Daniel Craig, almost reaching the goal to become Bond before the Knives Out star got the job. Thus, people are hoping that now, Cavill will get his chance to become the bada*s agent of MI6.

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Who Will Become James Bond?

Daniel Craig in a still from No Time To Die
Daniel Craig in a still from No Time To Die

There are a lot of potential suitors to take the role of James Bond. Apart from Henry Cavill, names ranging from Tom Hardy, James Norton, and even Aaron Taylor-Johnson are still holding in this far into the race, which makes it almost impossible to speculatively pinpoint a winner at the end. What we do know is the fact that producers are limiting the upper age limit to 40, as well as putting strict rules and guidelines to pick the best candidate from the talent pool.

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