James Bond: New Role Requirements For 007 Rule Out Several Fancasts

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Now that a new set of requirements for the role of James Bond has been revealed, many favorite fancasts have been ruled out. As unfortunate as that sounds, the producers are pretty much very particular with what and who they want to replace Daniel Craig as 007.

Daniel Craig James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time To Die (2021)

Craig’s version of James Bond ended in 2021’s No Time To Die, after 15 years of playing the role since his debut in 2006’s Casino Royale. Indeed, he was one of the greatest actors who filled in the shoes of the British spy agent and was also known as the grittiest of all.

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James Bond 007 Requirements

The actor reprised his role several times: Quantum Solace, Skyfall, Spectre, and the most recent, No Time To Die. His performance in each installment was heavily praised, putting enough pressure on the next actor to take the role. The search for the next 007 is on, and this time, the criteria have been set and quite specific. Fans have been expressing their excitement for the next film by fancasting their favorite actors.

Daniel Craig James Bond 2021

With the ending of Craig’s No Time To Die, the new movie of the franchise will have to be different. The producers of the film revealed their standards, and unfortunately, it ruled out many crowd favorites.


Barbara Broccoli, the long-time producer of the James Bond franchise, said that the new actor has to commit to a ten to twelve-year contract. They are also looking for younger actors to fill the role, which explains the long-term commitment. Someone who is in his late 20s to mid-30s would be suitable. Previous Bond actors were actually much older than the stated age limit.

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Several Favorite Contenders Ruled Out

Idris Elba Henry Cavill James Bond
Idris Elba and Henry Cavill

The role will take up much of the actor’s time and will more likely cause schedule conflicts if they have another project to deal with. Given this thought, several actors have been ruled out of the list. Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, and Henry Cavill top the roster at the moment. Unfortunately, Elba has already declined the role. Cavill is quite busy with the upcoming The Witcher series, and the actor is also rumored to return as Superman. Hardy will be working on his Venom films.

Rege-Jean Page The Gray Man James Bond
Regé-Jean Page in The Gray Man

That leaves fans with the remaining possible actors to fill the role. Regé-Jean Page has been a contender for the role, and, indeed, he fits the look and his schedule might permit him as he is not linked to any major big franchises. Other fan choices include Jacob Elordi (Euphoria), Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians), and Richard Madden (Game of Thrones), to name a few.

As the filming for James Bond won’t begin in at least two years, the search will probably be extended. There is also a rumor of a female James Bond, so this will also be taken into account.

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