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James Cameron Needs To Direct His Unfinished Spider-Man Movie Because Sony Needs a Win After Morbius

James Cameron Needs To Direct His Unfinished Spider-Man Movie Because Sony Needs a Win After Morbius

Although James Cameron is known for creating some of the most beloved pieces of cinema, which shaped the sci-fi genre, the director was once involved with the task to make a Spider-Man movie. Even though The Terminator director did come close to directing the movie, it was eventually canceled.

Since then fans have been bestowed with three iterations of the character, but Sony is still struggling to figure out their prime hero for their ambitious universe. And even though James Cameron has shared his disdain for the Superhero genre on numerous occasions, the Avatar director might be the only one that can save Sony’s sinking cinematic universe.

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James Cameron
James Cameron

James Cameron’s vision for the character might save Sony’s Cinematic universe

Before Sam Raimi introduced the web-slinger in front of the mass audience and made superheroes a worldwide phenomenon, James Cameron came close to bringing Spider-Man in a whole different light. And with Sony studios struggling to craft its Cinematic Universe, which will revolve around Spider-Man, James Cameron’s unfinished Spider-Man movie might be the key to Sony’s success.

Although Sony has been holding the Spider-Man property for years, they haven’t been able to fully capitalize on it after the end of the Raimi trilogy.  And now with Sony sharing the character with MCU, the studio has been desperate to craft their Spider-Man-centric universe. Unfortunately, it has only managed to release two mediocre Venom movies and a below-average Morbius, which was bashed by the internet.

With the studios looking to revive their scattered universe after the colossal failure of Morbius, James Cameron’s Spider-Man movie might be the key to the studio’s success. Considering that Sony needs their Spider-Man, which needs to be distinguishable from their Marvel counterpart, that will craft their ambitious universe.

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James Cameron's unfinished Spider-Man movie
James Cameron’s unfinished Spider-Man movie

James Cameron’s Spider-Man is much different than its counterparts

In the last two decades, fans have witnessed three different iterations of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, which includes Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. Even though all three actors brought their unique take to the character, all of the three web-slingers were tonally similar. But James Cameron’s vision for Peter Parker was thematically much more different than all of the three iterations.

James Cameron’s unfinished Spider-Man movie is said to be way darker in comparison with the three iterations of the character. The movie also consisted of a copious amount of strong language and sexuality. It’s understandable why the movie never saw the end of the tunnel at the time.

And even though there is already a pre-existing Spider-Man in the MCU, Cameron’s Spider-Man can still be its own thing and craft the Sony universe. Sony can take inspiration from Matt Reeves’s The Batman, which is going to be its own thing and a darker iteration of the character that will be co-existing with DCU’s Batman in the future.

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Andrew Garfield. Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland
Andrew Garfield. Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland

Considering the failed attempts of Sony to craft their cinematic universe, James Cameron’s Spider-Man movie can be the changing factor for the studio. And with the director’s potential to make box-office giants, the inclusion of the director with the biggest Marvel superhero could be Sony’s biggest success yet.

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Written by Santanu Roy

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