James Cameron Suggests Revolutionary Streaming Idea to Save Theaters With Different Run-Time Formats After Revealing Avatar 3 is 9 Hours Long

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James Cameron’s latest movie has been a massive success after fans waited for over a decade to watch, Avatar: The Way of Water has been released. The crowd has since then been rooting for the movie to reach peak success and give way to the third installment of the franchise. The rumored runtime of the movie is said to be of 9 hours.

Avatar: The Way of Water by James Cameron
Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)

This runtime is said to be shortened only after animation for the same has been done. However, the director seemed to have some interesting ideas that could possibly change the way cinema works in current times. This could include the Hollywood industry having a close tie-in with streaming platforms.

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James Cameron Still Wants Avatar 3 To Be As Lengthy As Possible

James Cameron suggested a method of movie watching that could supposedly shift the entire way films are being watched in present times. It is no doubt that streaming services are slowly taking over, providing more content at reasonable prices. According to the director, he would still love to make a third part for the Avatar franchise and make it lengthy, possibly six and a half hours long.

James Cameron’s Avatar 2

“Let’s use these platforms in ways that haven’t been done before.”

He further stated that perhaps the theatre version of the movie could be of the usual two and a half or three hours long while another version of the film could be later released on streaming services, being around six hours long or longer. He wants to see a newer way for streaming services to be used as they provide a platform of multiple possibilities and expanding ideas.

This would give the audience an entirely new experience of viewing movies and enjoying them on a whole new level. The third installment of the movie is rumored to be nine hours long and if this method does come to be, fans would be able to watch Avatar 3 in its raw form.


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Fans Love The Idea Proposed By James Cameron

Avatar: The Way of the Water by James Cameron

After listening to this idea, fans cannot wait any longer to see the third part of the franchise and to see other possible ways to explore Pandora and everything the world offers. Other fans did not like the idea as much because they think that the movie could get highly repetitive and boring.



Many others simply compare it to television series and the audience also points out as to how the project could be extremely expensive and could involve heavy CGI.

Avatar: The Way of Water is currently running in theatres.


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