James Cameron’s Brutal Rules During ‘Titanic’ Made Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio Commit A Humiliating Act To Save Their Jobs

James Cameron's Brutal Rules During 'Titanic' Made Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio Commit A Humiliating Act To Save Their Jobs
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James Cameron is a highly acclaimed film director, known for his unique storytelling and innovative storylines. A creator of some of the world’s most successful films in Hollywood, his 1997 movie Titanic became the most iconic historical romance movie of all time.

James Cameron is a 'nightmare' director
James Cameron is a ‘nightmare’ director

While Cameron already had a pretty successful career before Titanic, the movie set him on a pedestal that hardly anyone has managed to achieve till now. At the same time, the movie’s lead stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio achieved global stardom overnight. But their journey was not without hardships, often making them resort to humiliating acts to achieve a bit of comfort.

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Kate Winslet And Leonardo DiCaprio’s Humiliating Acts On The Titanic’s Set

Winslet and DiCaprio on the sets of Titanic
Winslet and DiCaprio in a still from the Titanic set

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James Cameron did not reach the point where he is now by a simple act of fate. The Oscar-winning director is known for his unique directing style where all his actors must follow a set of rules and a rigorous schedule for them to nail each shoot. And that is precisely how he made the Titanic.

As there were numerous underwater shoots along and the actors were often dressed up in extremely heavy vintage clothing, for Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio bathroom breaks were a luxury. In an interview she recalled,


“Yes, I admit to sometimes peeing in that water. Because you wanted to get it right. You didn’t want to have to get out and go to the bathroom, which would take half an hour with corsets and dresses and all that sort of thing. So yeah, I peed. I mean, it’s the same with a swimming pool- do you really about what’s in it?”

Even the Inception star did not hold back when nature called. Both would just swim over to a different side of the water tank and relieve themselves.

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James Cameron Is Famous For Giving His Actors A Hard Time

James Cameron advising his lead actors on the set of Titanic
James Cameron advising his lead actors on the set of Titanic

Working on a James Cameron movie will guarantee stardom, fame, and a ridiculous amount of money to each and any actor. However, the working process itself is so hard and laborious that most would label it as nothing short of a nightmare and going through absolute hell.


Cameron is infamous for being a hard nut on sets. From nailing his actors’ phones to the wall to having them shoot at night in a pool full of chlorine to actually having actors live in a rainforest to prepare for their roles, the Avatar director has done almost everything in the books to have his actors do the best job of their lives. No wonder his movies perform the way that they do.

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