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James Corden Claims Brendan Fraser Only Starred in ‘The Whale’ Because He’s “Too Young” to Play the Role

James Corden Claims Brendan Fraser Only Starred in 'The Whale' Because He's "Too Young" to Play the Role

Brendan Fraser’s iconic comeback film in 2022 instantly became the recipient of critical acclaim and was declared to be Oscar-worthy as well. But can you imagine what the film’s success rate would have been like if someone else would’ve starred as Charlie instead of Fraser?

Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale was perhaps one of the best projects in Fraser’s career so far. But turns out an English television personality with a reputation for controversies almost had The Mummy star’s role in the psychological drama.

Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser

James Corden recently revealed that he had apparently been in line to play the protagonist in The Whale before production chose to go ahead with Fraser instead.

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James Corden Almost Starred in The Whale Instead of Brendan Fraser 

Speaking to Deadline about his latest Amazon series titled Mammals, James Corden claimed that initially, it was he who had been slated to play Charlie’s role in The Whale which was later taken over by Brendan Fraser. He even stated that Nocturnal Animals filmmaker Tom Ford was going to direct the movie instead of Darren Aronofsky.

“I was going to play that part, and Tom Ford was going to direct.”

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James Corden
James Corden

Corden, 44, believed the major reason why he wouldn’t have been the best fit for the role was because of him being “too young” than Fraser who is 54 years old. As if the age gap was the only aspect and the difference in experience didn’t play any role whatsoever. The television host and comedian further said that Ford ultimately detached himself from the project since he wanted “complete control” over things.


The Late Late Show‘s host even mentioned that George Clooney’s name had been attached with the project at some point but only at a more surface level. Regardless of that though, it’s difficult imagining any other actor being able to do justice to the film like Fraser.

Brendan Fraser Was The Perfect Fit for The Whale

Fraser’s emotionally striking performance in The Whale was one of the central reasons behind the film earning widespread success. His role as an obese English teacher trying his level best to reconnect with his estranged daughter touched the heart of the audience almost effortlessly. So it’s hard to picture another actor being able to deliver the same results and having such a profound effect on the viewers as Fraser did.

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Brendan Fraser in The Whale (2022).
Brendan Fraser in The Whale (2022)

What’s more, the Bedazzled actor’s devotion to his role in the film also played a huge role in bringing the character alive on the screen. In an interview with Collider, Fraser had opened up about how important this project had been for him and how he’d been putting in numerous efforts off the screen as well. He actively got involved with a non-profit organization called Obesity Action Coalition which provides support to people suffering with obesity.

With The Whale, Fraser set an example of taking up projects he truly cares about and which would help bring about real change in the world. Hard to see anybody else beating his performance and dedication.

Source: Deadline

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