James Gunn Bends Over after Logan Lerman Fans Blast Him for Saying He Doesn’t Know Who Percy Jackson Star is: “This isn’t a dig at the actor”

James Gunn Bends Over after Logan Lerman Fans Blast Him for Saying He Doesn't Know Who Percy Jackson Star is: "This isn't a dig at the actor"

Probably the most intensive and tiring job in Hollywood today is to steer a multi-billion dollar cinematic universe to new heights of success, and at the forefront of that task are James Gunn and Peter Safran, the CEOs of DC Films that are on a mission to rebuild the new DCU from the ground up and present it to the audience as soon as the old DCEU ceases to exist with the release of The Flash and the Aquaman sequel.

James Gunn
James Gunn

And the responsibility of making a new cinematic universe over the ashes of the old one means that there will be new faces occupying the spaces available with the new beginnings. Thus, fans were expecting the director to be diligent and look around for new stars who will replace the old ones in the upcoming films. But when he went on to claim he didn’t know who Logan Lerman was, the fans were quick to remind him that he was one of the few candidates for the DCU in their eyes.

Fans Remind James Gunn Who Logan Lerman Is

Logan Lerman
Logan Lerman

While the fans may be scratching their heads about what the new DCU will bring to the table, CEO James Gunn is naturally two steps ahead as he and Peter Safran are the ones with the reigns of the upcoming cinematic universe. And seeing that The Suicide Squad director fired several stars from their roles as superheroes, it was obvious he has a mental image of what those new faces might look like. But even so, fans’ considerations should also be a priority for the director, something he was reminded of after fans blasted him.

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With the news of the upcoming Superman: Legacy being said to bring a younger Superman into the DCU, fans automatically turned to Logan Lerman, the person who is a fan favorite to become the aforementioned superhero in the new DCU. But when a tweet highlighted the name of the star to Gunn, he was oblivious to the actor’s previous accolades.

Thus, when fans came to know about this fact, they were quick to flood his Twitter feed with their responses about who Lerman was and where the director might have seen the Bullet Train before, most iconic of which is his role as Percy Jackson in the old Percy Jackson and The Olympians franchise. Thus, Gunn wrote to the fandom, backtracking his comment and telling them he does remember him from films but couldn’t remember him before.

Along with this, the director also clarified that the thought of Lerman playing the role of young Superman never occurred to him, which might’ve disappointed some fans who were looking forward to the star donning the cape in the DCU.

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What’s On James Gunn’s Mind?

President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and James Gunn speak onstage during the Marvel Studios panel at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con International
President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and James Gunn  at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con

While we may not know what James Gunn is truly cooking behind the scenes at DC Films, we can be sure that he has the recipe to make a great franchise. With the Brightburn director revealing the first 10-year plan for the DCU titled ‘Gods and Monsters,’ Gunn aims to follow the footsteps of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and take it slow with introducing new characters and storylines into the upcoming cinematic universe.

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