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James Gunn Brutally Shoots Down Will Smith Return Rumors for Suicide Squad 3: ‘It’s not [happening]’

James Gunn Brutally Shoots Down Will Smith Return Rumors for Suicide Squad 3:

The DC franchise seems to have a lot of things toppled on its plate including canceled projects marring the studio’s reputation and controversies following certain actors, to name a few. And with everyone around claiming DC to be “in shambles” is certainly of no help either. But luckily enough for the franchise, James Gunn is proving to be their savior.

American filmmaker and actor, James Gunn.
American filmmaker and actor, James Gunn.

Even though Batgirl got canceled, Gunn’s promising work with regard to the second season of Peacemaker has restored the balance amongst fans. He even reassured fans by hinting that the filming of season 2 would soon take place in a few months.

Yet another project Gunn has currently going on is that of The Suicide Squad. And though there’s no significant timeline that the filmmaker has given us to hold onto, he still seems to be exploring his options with regard to the movie’s aspects. However, there had been various rumors about the movie but it seems like Gunn was quick and sharp to turn them down.

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James Gunn clears the air about the rumors that point to Will Smith’s return to The Suicide Squad 

With an array of rumors and speculations spiraling on Twitter about The Suicide Squad’‘s future in DCEU, James Gunn decided to put an end to them all.

The pop culture commentator Mikey Sutton had talked about DCU’s future with the pressure Warner Bros. Discovery was putting on the former, with regard to The Suicide Squad. Apparently, the latter had been pushing DC for a third part of the movie, with Will Smith playing the character of Deadshot.

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Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad (2016).
Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad (2016).

And recently, the same had resurfaced on Twitter again after a random user recirculating Sutton’s claim. The rumor also said that Ayer would be “the front runner to direct it.”

“Now Mikey Sutton is saying WBD wants a Suicide Squad 3 with Will Smith leading but they don’t want it to follow James Gunn version. He said Ayer is the front runner to direct it.

Gunn shut down this rumor in a crystal clear answer to a question about the same. When someone asked him whether this claim was true or not, he simply replied with “it’s not” in a succint manner.

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So, what is the fate of The Suicide Squad going to be?

Currently, the writer-director behind The Suicide Squad has made it abundantly clear as to what all projects he has taken up and where his focus is going to be in the present.

Not only is there no concrete proof that a third movie is going to be in the works anytime soon, but Gunn himself is unsure about whether or not the next Suicide Squad movie will be based entirely around the original Squad.

the suicide squad james gunn
James Gunn, the writer and director of The Suicide Squad

For the time being, he has done his part in clarifying that there might not be a Suicide Squad threequel in the forseeable future, but he has certainly promised DC fans with a fresh season of Peacemaker. And if there’s one thing Gunn is sure of, it’s about keeping his word to his fans.

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