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James Gunn Confirming DCU and DCAU Will Merge Hints Lobo Will Be an Animated Project With Jason Momoa Voicing the Czarnian Bounty Hunter

james gunn lobo with jason mamoa voice

Currently, the James Gunn-helmed DC universe is going through a phase of planning and processing of what could turn out to be one of the best existential eras of its live-action history. But now it looks like the man who has directed 2022’s best-rated DCU series and the highest-rated MCU project, might have a bit more up his sleeves than he was letting on at the start.

After each week or so, the DC Studios co-Chairman (and CEO) takes some break from the heavy lifting that comes with his job description and takes to Twitter to keep the anticipation going by feeding the fans crumbs of theories, progress, and answering some fast round questions with monosyllabic phrases. The latest update, unsurprisingly, has been causing some wild fan theories.

James Gunn on DC's Peacemaker sets
James Gunn on DC’s Peacemaker sets

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James Gunn Confirms DCU & DCAU Will Be Interconnected

The ongoing reconstruction of the DC universe has been ensuing ever since James Gunn was officially sworn into office at the newly formed DC Studios on November 1, 2022. His first day at the job marked the rebirth of the franchise and the beginning of a four-year exclusive partnership between the man and the house that will, hopefully, lead to wonderful things for the studio and usher in progressive change in the DCU. One of those things, as promised recently by Gunn on Twitter, is the connective tissue that will make the events of DC Films and DC Animated Universe canonical to each other’s narrative.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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On the 27th of November, 2022, James Gunn opened a floodgate of fan Q&A panel on Twitter. Questions, however big or small, were answered in all sincerity, and one query from a fan asking whether more characters from the comics will go on to find a place in television shows led to the CEO replying — “Yes, most definitely, the DCU will be connected across film and TV (and animation).” This has further led to questions about the animated universe which isn’t surprising considering Gunn (along with Peter Safran) will be overseeing the film, television, as well as animated divisions of DC.

Accordingly, James Gunn has then confirmed that “some” animated shows/movies will also be canon to the current narrative and the mainstream timeline of the upcoming DC cinematic universe.

Jason Momoa’s Lobo Could Be Coming to DC Through DCAU

Some fan theories have been buzzing around the heralding of Lobo, the Czarnian mercenary and bounty hunter in the DC universe ever since Jason Momoa was seen wreaking havoc with his over-the-top excitement on social media. Interestingly, Momoa has the physicality and the gruff looks to pull off a perfect comic-book-accurate live-action Lobo if the character ever happens to be brought into DCU. However, since the rumor has not been confirmed, fans have swerved toward believing an alternative and more plausible theory, i.e. Jason Momoa as Lobo in the canonical DCAU.


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The history of the comic character is some of the most interesting and enriching narratives in all of DC’s existent oeuvre. Neither monochromatic nor righteous in his personality, the immortal, interstellar and intellectually genius alien mercenary is an expert combatant, ruthless and vicious in doling out his judgment but maintains a code of honor at the same time, and is empathetic only when it comes to dolphins or people who represent the aquatic creatures (a trait which was parodied in The Boys via Deep).

James Gunn’s confirmation about new comic characters finding a space in television series and DCAU getting more recognition has made Lobo look like a sound possibility. If Jason Momoa truly gets to portray the character (or at least voice him in the DCAU), it has to be a brilliant move on DC’s part given the kind of clamoring and favoritism already surrounding Lobo. It only helps to further note that Lobo and Momoa are similar in their caricature-like overblown traits that instantly make the latter a favorite to play the former thus securing a win-win for the fandom as well as DC Studios.

Source: Twitter | James Gunn

Written by Diya Majumdar

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