James Gunn Confirms New Justice League Movie Post Henry Cavill Exit Won’t be Part of DCU: “Messing up before they even started”

James Gunn Confirms New Justice League Movie Post Henry Cavill Exit Won't be Part of DCU

James Gunn uprooted many well-known DC character actors after being named co-CEO of DC Studios, including Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Dwayne Johnson. In addition to the introduction of the new cast of Superman, his plans are ever-growing and fans can only wait till the big reveal.

James Gunn has promised great things to the franchise’s fans, followers, and haters but according to the most recent news revealed by the co-CEO, things do not seem to be going so well for the studio. The director claimed that the upcoming DC animated film, Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, made a major error in their marketing labels.

James Gunn
James Gunn (Credit: Google)

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James Gunn Calls Out Major Blunder In Their 2024 Animation

James Gunn is a very intriguing individual who can be difficult to understand at times; his actions and motivations completely surprise both MCU and DCU fans. When he first entered the DC Universe, he disregarded Zack Snyder’s SnyderVerse, which was the sole positive development for the franchise.

After a trail of box office failures, the franchise is currently at its lowest and Gunn is the only person who can revive the franchise to its former glory, maybe go well past it. But things are not looking so well for them as their upcoming animated show, Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, just caused a major blunder.

Blunder from DC Studios
A blunder from DC Studios (Credit: WB/DC)

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Their announcement for the movie was labeled as a “DC Universe Movie” whereas it should have been under “DC Animated Movie”. People on social media have come forward to criticize their blunder but James Gunn has immediately addressed the situation as a blunder from their side.

He said, “They messed up. It’s been corrected.”, Although the error has been taken care of, it will remain as a dark spot in his newly formed DCU career.

David Corenswet Takesover Henry Cavill’s Cast as Superman

It appears that the DC Universe under James Gunn is enthusiastic with their most recent masterpiece, Superman: Legacy. The one figure that people have been eager to see since Henry Cavill’s contentious removal is Superman, who will be the subject of a complete relaunch of the DC Universe by Gunn and co-director Peter Safran.

David Corenswet
David Corenswet (Credit: Google)

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These days, David Corenswet is a hot topic in the news and social media due to his recent cast as the next Superman in the DC Universe. The renowned superhero portrayal by Corenswet is highly anticipated by fans. Corenswet has progressively ascended the success ladder in the entertainment business because of his amazing filmography and indisputable skill.

Additionally, he has appeared in several Netflix productions. He made an appearance in an episode of the well-known House of Cards show. Corenswet has collaborated with Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of American Horror Story, and has also briefly worked as an executive producer.

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