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James Gunn Fulfills Zack Snyder’s Dream, Seemingly Confirms Green Lantern is Coming to DCU

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Zack Snyder’s vision of uniting the Seven may finally be coming true. In a Thanksgiving Day tweet, James Gunn, the co-Head of DC Studios, has seemingly confirmed the inclusion of the Green Lantern to the DCU. However, the happy news is simply an extension of the dream that has been haunting the fandom for years since the 2017 Justice League.

James Gunn’s current approach toward rebuilding the DC canon in a holistic sense can only mean good things for the future of the franchise, and it looks like the pieces are already beginning to fall in place. It only now remains to be seen how far into the reconstruction of the new DCU can the Seven claim their seats at the table as regulars instead of cameos or easter eggs.

DC fandom awaits the arrival of the Seven
DC’s Super Seven

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James Gunn Begins Casting His Elaborate DCU Spider-Web

The work of Zack Snyder on the Justice League film was cut short in its first attempt when the director had to take time away to mourn and grieve the death of his young daughter. When he returned, his audience that was promised a masterpiece found the 2021 Snyder’s Cut doing justice to the loss of the vision served in the theatrical cut of the film. However, a few aspects of Snyder’s blueprint was kept intact by Joss Whedon in his 2017 Justice League and one of those things was the inclusion of the Green Lantern Yalan Gur in a flashback of the past war.

Yalan Gur appears in Justice League Snyder's Cut
Yalan Gur appears in Justice League Snyder’s Cut

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The thread connecting the Corps to the DC universe was lost in the aftermath of the controversy and Snyder’s Cut could do everything but promise the resurrection of a broken DCEU. David Zaslav’s harsh but necessary entry shortly after proved the Warner Bros. Discovery chief could take the steps to ensure the reformation of the DC universe and his appointed DC Studios head, James Gunn is now executing the vision that was lost half a decade ago. Even as fans celebrate the legacy of Snyder and his trilogy to this day, James Gunn has proven himself capable in the short time since his crowning ceremony. His cryptic tweet about the long-awaited coming of the Green Lanterns to the DCU is definitive proof of that.

James Gunn Celebrates Thanksgiving With His DCU Family

In a tweet, James Gunn wishes his fans a happy Thanksgiving accompanied by an image of the DC superhero canon uniting together for a celebration and a feast. Within a matter of minutes, his fans had a lot to be thankful for after the CEO disputed a fan’s claims about the Green Lantern not being a part of the DCU family. Twitter has been exploding ever since Gunn’s teaser and now the world waits in anticipation for the CEO to come out of his silent phase of planning to finally make a declaration about the future of the DCU.

James Gunn
James Gunn at The Suicide Squad premiere

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If the excitement surrounding the indirect confirmation of the Green Lantern is any indication, the fandom has already accepted the news as a definitive teaser of what’s to come. However, the timeline still remains very much in doubt. Considering the DCU is knee-deep in bringing The FlashAquaman 2Shazam 2, and the Black Adam spin-offs to the screens at the moment, it doesn’t look like a Green Lantern can fit into the midst of the currently developing narratives. As happy as the news is of witnessing a reunited Justice League on the screen, one may have to wait just a bit longer before the dream can finally be realized.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is available for streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Twitter | James Gunn

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