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James Gunn Gunning for an Extreme DC Makeover That Could Easily Backfire By Making DC’s Most Controversial Writer Tom King One of the Chief Shotcallers for DCU Chapter One

James Gunn Gunning for an Extreme DC Makeover That Could Easily Backfire By Making DC's Most Controversial Writer Tom King One of the Chief Shotcallers for DCU Chapter One

James Gunn recently announced the much-awaited DC Universe slate and it headlined a lot of buzz on the Internet. Following his traditional style, he announced several projects besides the mainstream ones that were not known to several non-comic book fans. But it has also raised controversies after the co-head of DCU stated that Tom King would be one of the main architects of this new Universe.

Tom King
Tom King

Among the movies and series announced by James Gunn in DCU’s first chapter Gods and Monsters, Tom King’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow has also been announced to be adapted. Even though this comic by King was praised, he also has a very bad track record with several other characters. On top of it, some of his behavioral issues have also concerned the fans.

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Is Inducting Tom King in DCU a bad move by James Gunn?

James Gunn
James Gunn

When it was announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran will lead the new slate of DCU following the change of leadership, a completely new lineup was teased. Just a few days back when a part of the new lineup was announced to the fans, it could be understood that Gunn opted for a soft reboot with a new cast. Besides, The Suicide Squad director also stated about the new set of writers that will anchor this new ship.

While the slate has created a buzz online, the fans were furthermore concerned with the presence of Tom King in it. The ex-CIA officer who later turned into a comic book writer has a very controversial career mainly after his infamous Batman run which was trashed by a large number of readers. Several readers complained about how the iconic character was completely butchered. Following that, The Human Target miniseries by King also faced backlash from the audiences.

Many DC comic book fans also complain about long dialogues and boring storylines by the writer. So it has been a matter of concern to the fans who think that bringing King onboard can backfire Gunn’s plans heavily and DCU might also face a devastating fate. But on the other hand, as stated by James Gun himself and many of his fans, Tom King loves to take his own take on the characters. His writing style is cited as one that isn’t for everyone but a selected set of fans. While the speculations seem to worry the fans, King recently praised Gunn highly for his dedication to his work.

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What did Tom King say about James Gunn?

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow
Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow written by Tom King

Recently appearing in an interview, Tom King spoke highly about the co-head of DCU and his dedication to his work. He praised Gunn as one of the most ideal people for this job due to his love for comic books and his experience in Marvel where he has worked with people like Kevin Feige.

“I mean, James Gunn is a genuine comic book nerd and reader and someone who’s been in it since he was a kid and passionately cares for the DC Universe. He’s just a cool nerd, which is a wonderful contradiction and on top of that, he’s a guy who has been friends with Kevin Feige and he’s been inside the Marvel machine and saw how that worked, and saw how it created amazing things.” 

It can be seen that the writer has high hopes for the Guardians of the Galaxy mastermind to also create a massive success with DCU. But on the other hand, it will also be interesting to see how does the writing for this first chapter goes with him on board. On top of that, there’s still a lot of time left to watch Tom King’s Supergirl on the big screens as it is rumored to be released around 2027.

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As per James Gunn, the story will focus on Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El and will present us with a completely different story. It will show how Superman’s getting a lovely family on Earth shaped his future way differently than Supergirl who had gone through horrible situations since Krypton was destroyed.

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