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James Gunn Hellbent on Copying MCU, Will Release DCU Movies in “Chapters”

James Gunn Hellbent on Copying MCU, Will Release DCU Movies in Chapters

With the highly anticipated arrival of James Gunn as the co-CEO of DC Studios, fans are eagerly awaiting what the future holds for the DC Universe. With his success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s no wonder that rumors are swirling about what Gunn’s plans for the DCU might entail.

Gunn’s move from the MCU to the DCU marks a significant shift for the DC franchise, which is looking to remain competitive with Marvel as the MCU continues to expand its Multiverse Saga. The new DCU plan, expected to be the first step in a 10-year plan for the franchise, has generated much excitement and speculation among fans.

The DCU “Chapters”

James Gunn
James Gunn

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In a recent Instagram post, Gunn responded to a comment hinting at the possibility of announcing projects from “the first chapter” of storytelling, leading fans to speculate that the DCU may be organized into chapters in the same way that the MCU has been organized into Phases. This idea of Phases has been a staple of the MCU for nearly 15 years and has proven to be a successful way of grouping the films for a larger, connected storyline.

“I’m not announcing the 8-10 year slate. Just a few projects from the first chapter.”

The MCU’s use of Phases has been a key factor in its success, grouping its releases into distinct storytelling arcs over the past 15 years. With Gunn now in charge of the DCU, it’s not surprising that he may use a similar approach to help organize the franchise and keep fans engaged.


However, the big questions remain: will Gunn’s “chapter” idea be how he plans to organize the DCU, and how long will each chapter last? The MCU’s Phase 1 lasted from 2008 to 2012 and comprised six movies, including Iron Man and The Avengers. Gunn can announce a larger slate of projects, but he may opt for a more straightforward approach to hook fans from the start.

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Will James Gunn’s Idea Help The DCU?

James Gunn has already brought a fresh perspective to the DCU with his upcoming Suicide Squad sequel and the introduction of new characters. Fans eagerly await to see what other exciting future projects he has. With the MCU pushing deeper into its Multiverse Saga, the DCU will need to keep up with its unique twists and turns to remain competitive.

If Gunn does choose to organize his movies into chapters, it will give fans a clear structure and timeline to follow along with. This has worked well for Marvel Studios, as it has helped to build anticipation and excitement for each new release. It will be interesting to see how long each chapter lasts and what storylines and characters will be included.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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As we look ahead to what James Gunn has in store for the DCU, it’s impossible not to be excited about the potential of this beloved franchise. With the MCU having such a long and successful history of grouping its releases into Phases, it only makes sense that the DCU would follow suit, especially as it looks to remain competitive with the MCU.

So, whether you’re a lifelong fan of the DCU or just getting started on your journey, get ready for a wild ride as James Gunn and his team take the DCU in a bold new direction. The future is looking bright for the DC Universe, and it will be an exciting time to be a fan.

Source: James Gunn | Instagram

Written by Mabel Andrady

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