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James Gunn Hints He’s Bringing Vixen to DCU – First African Female DC Superhero Who Appeared in ‘Justice League Unlimited’ and ‘Arrowverse’

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At the beginning of February, James Gunn and Peter Safran revealed the new slate for the DC Universe and none of us have had the time to catch our breaths. The first chapter is called Gods and Monsters, and the ten projects that have been revealed so far have fans quite intrigued. With projects like Superman: Legacy (the first film of the slate) and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, there is simply no question about calming down.

James Gunn
James Gunn

However, even though the projects are bringing in many comic book characters to the DCU, including Swamp Thing and The Authority, fans cannot help but pitch in their ideas to the co-CEOs. We all know James Gunn loves engaging with fans (and haters) on Twitter, and sometimes while doing so, gives us all hope about certain characters. Just like that, another one of James Gunn’s tweets has fans hoping that a fan-favorite comic character will make her DCU debut soon- Vixen.

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Is James Gunn Bringing Vixen to the DCU?

Vixen in Teen Titans Go!
Vixen in Teen Titans Go!

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The DCU is expanding and there’s no doubt about that. With some characters/actors being shown the exit door, others are walking into the superhero universe. While fans initially had doubts about the slate, they are now excitedly suggesting characters to add to the growing universe, including Vixen. A fan on Twitter asked James Gunn if he liked Vixen aka Mari Jiwe McCabe. As Gunn loves talking about DC characters, he replied to the fan stating, “Yes a lot.” Well, these three words were enough for fans to see Mari’s future in the DCU. 

If the bosses do decide on bringing Vixen to the DCU, it wouldn’t be the character’s first endeavor outside the pages of comic books. She has previously appeared in different media, including television, movies, and even video games. Some of the projects she has made an appearance in, animated and live-action, include, Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans Go!, Justice League Action, the Arrowverse, Green Lantern: Beware My Power, and so on.

Twitter seems to be all for the idea of officially making Vixen a part of the DCU. Check out what the fans of the superhero universe have to say about the idea.

We aren’t gonna lie, a superhero with powers as unique as Vixen would be a great addition to the ensemble at the DCU. We just need Gunn and Peter Safran’s nod of approval!

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Who is Vixen and what are her Powers?

Vixen - DC Comics
Vixen – DC Comics

Not only is Vixen a super intriguing character, but she’s also the first African-American DC heroine. She obtained her powers from the Tantu Totem and it granted her the superpowers she possesses. She first appeared in Action Comic #521. 

Vixen’s most interesting power includes animal mimicry which she uses to copy the abilities of different animals. She also has an intuitive understanding of animals. Vixen can heal as quickly as a lizard, has the adhesive powers of a spider, electrokinesis of an electric eel, enhanced senses like that of a wolf, enhanced vision like an eagle, flight like a hawk, super-speed like a cheetah, and so on. Apart from this, she also possesses magically enhanced claws and has managed to hurt characters as strong as Superman. 

This is just a glimpse into the powers that Vixen holds. If Gunn does manage to bring her to the DCU, she is certainly going to be a big hit! 

Source: Twitter | James Gunn

Written by Mishkaat Khan

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