James Gunn Models ‘Jurassic League’ Joker After Heath Ledger’s Clown Prince as DC Chief Takes Inspiration From Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’

Heath Ledger-inspired Joker becomes a Dilophosaurus in 'Jurassic League' animated film.

James Gunn Models ‘Jurassic League’ Joker After Heath Ledger’s Clown Prince as DC Chief Takes Inspiration From Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’


  • DC Studios and Warner Bros. Animation team up for 'Jurassic League' film adoptation, blending DC heroes with dinosaurs.
  • In the upcoming animated movie, Joker becomes a Dilophosaurus, drawing inspiration from Heath Ledger's portrayal in 'The Dark Knight'.
  • In 'Jurassic League', Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and others are transformed into formidable dinosaurs, maintaining their heroic essence.
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Exciting news has surfaced for enthusiasts of both DC Comics and dinosaurs. James Gunn and Peter Safran, in collaboration with DC Studios and Warner Bros. Animation, have unveiled plans for an upcoming project centered around The Jurassic League.


This revelation promises a thrilling fusion of two beloved worlds, where iconic DC heroes and villains are reimagined as prehistoric creatures.

Heath Ledger's Joker
Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight

The mere thought of witnessing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the DC pantheon transformed into dinosaurs is undeniably tantalizing for fans worldwide. Adding to the excitement is the revelation that James Gunn will be crafting a Joker dinosaur inspired by Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal of the character in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.


This nod to Ledger’s unforgettable performance adds an extra layer of intrigue and nostalgia to the project, igniting further enthusiasm among fans.

DC’s Jurassic League Introduces Heath Ledger-Inspired Dinosaur Joker

DC's dinosaur joker took inspiration from Heath ledger
DC’s Dinosaur Joker took inspiration from Heath Ledger (Source: The Dark Knight)

The Jurassic League series is a captivating six-issue limited run, penned by the talented Daniel Warren Johnson and brought to life visually by the skilled hand of Juan Gedeon. Through the collaboration of James Gunn and Warner Bros., it reimagines the iconic heroes of the Justice League as dinosaurs in a film adaptation.

This innovative approach promises to take the audience on an exhilarating journey into a prehistoric world where familiar heroes undergo thrilling transformations into new forms.


In this imaginative realm, one standout character receives a particularly intriguing transformation: the Joker, a fan favorite, is depicted as a Dilophosaurus. Inspired by Heath Ledger‘s unforgettable portrayal in Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight, this iteration of the Joker maintains the essence of Ledger’s performance while embracing the primal nature of its dinosaur form.

Johnson and Gedeon aimed to infuse this rendition of the Joker with qualities that made Ledger’s interpretation so mesmerizing – a blend of craziness, sneakiness, vibrancy, unpredictability, danger, and a certain repulsive allure. Gedeon told Polygon.

 “Joker had to be crazy, sneaky, colorful, unpredictable and dangerous. And cool but kinda disgusting to some degree, so I thought of Vertigo from Primal Rage. But since she’s a made-up dino her ‘real’ equivalent to me would be a dilophosaurus or an oviraptor. I added the green hair and some sort of ‘wings’ inspired by Heath Ledger’s Joker.”

Maintaining the Joker’s carnivorous and dangerous essence while echoing Heath Ledger’s portrayal is crucial. Ledger’s iconic performance in The Dark Knight earned widespread acclaim, thanks to his meticulous preparation, including isolating himself to study the character’s comic book origins and crafting a distinctive voice. Ledger’s chilling yet captivating portrayal set a benchmark for future interpretations of the Joker.


James Gunn Explores DC’s Prehistoric Universe in Jurassic League

James Gunn's take on The Jurassic League
James Gunn’s take on The Jurassic League (Image: Inside Of You Clips/YT)

James Gunn, Co-CEO of DC Studios, takes the helm as producer for the upcoming film adaptation of Jurassic League, with Brian Lynch tasked with crafting the script. Originally published in May 2022, Jurassic League introduces audiences to an alternate reality where the familiar heroes and villains of DC Comics are reimagined as talking dinosaurs.

In this animated feature, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other iconic characters are portrayed as powerful dinosaurs in a prehistoric Earth. The confirmation of this novel concept stems from Jeff Sneider’s report in The InSneider, heightening anticipation for the project. In DC Comics’ rich history, superheroes frequently encounter dinosaurs and explore prehistoric realms, often through time travel, alternate dimensions, or mystical means.

For The Jurassic League, creators Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon were careful to preserve the essence of the original Justice League members even as they reimagined them as dinosaurs. Superman takes on the form of a majestic Brachiosaurus, Batman embodies the fierce demeanor of an Allosaurus, and Wonder Woman channels the strength and grace of a Triceratops.


Notably, the Joker is transformed into a cunning Dilophosaurus, drawing inspiration from Heath Ledger’s iconic portrayal in The Dark Knight. Inspired by a variety of sources like Primal, Street Sharks, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jurassic League offers an exciting twist on beloved DC characters.

Fans eagerly await this cinematic journey, thrilled by the prospect of familiar heroes in prehistoric incarnations.


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