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James Gunn Refusing Aquaman 2 Have Any Connections To His Precious DCU after Amber Heard Controversy Despite James Wan Forcing Film Through ‘Massive Plot Changes’?

James Gunn Refusing Aquaman 2 Have Any Connections To His Precious DCU after Amber Heard Controversy Despite James Wan Forcing Film Through 'Massive Plot Changes'?

James Gunn has been carefully crafting the future of the DC Universe and so far each project that has been announced was received positively. The movies that are yet to determine their permanent future in the franchise include the ones that are already released or are scheduled to be released soon. These movies also included Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Aquaman 2' First Look Footage Revealed by Warner Bros. – The Hollywood Reporter
Jason Momoa as Aquaman

The sequel to Jason Momoa’s movie has already been through massive reshoots and controversies regarding the involvement of Amber Heard. After her trial against Johnny Depp, fans have been against her being a part of the movie rather than giving her minimum screen time. However, now it may seem as if the movie had undergone a set of changes before it releases.

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Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Went Through Massive Plot Changes

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been delayed multiple times and even faced a fair share of issues due to many reasons. From Amber Heard playing Mera to now Jason Momoa praising Ezra Miller, fans are not happy with the actors involved in the movie. A while ago it was said that the movie had to go through various reshoots. Some even hint at the fact that Ben Affleck’s involvement in the movie was increased from a cameo to a side character in order to shadow Heard being a part of the film.

Aquaman (2018) - IMDb
A still from the movie

The latest test screening of the movie proved that it had to go through some massive plot changes. Even though a lot of the script had been switched, reportedly Amber Heard will still be a part of the film. Fans are seemingly concerned upon learning of the changes taking place and wonder if the script would in any way suffer or improve. It also brings into question the involvement of Ben Affleck in the movie and whether or not the changes would influence it.

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Aquaman 2 Will Not Be A Part Of The DCU According To James Gunn

James Wan has been working day and night to make the movie as best as he can. However, ultimately it will mark the end of the Aquaman series. James Gunn had earlier confirmed that this would be the final movie for the King of Atlantis. While it can be speculated whether or not the changes taking place were specifically targeted to keep the movie as a part of the DCU, that would unfortunately not be the case.

What James Gunn Is Working On Right Now - LRM
James Gunn

The movie will not have any ties to the franchise and will exist on its own grounds. This could only benefit the franchise as having ties to Amber Heard, who is already regarded as a controversial actress at the moment, will only affect the fresh start. Having ties to the old will only keep them from exploring the new, especially since a big goal for Gunn is to break anything that was connected to Zack Snyder’s set plot.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be available to watch in theatres from 25th December 2023.

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