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James Gunn Reportedly Planning To Release Suicide Squad Ayer Cut, David Ayer’s Director’s Cut To Feature Much Better Story and Gore

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As of 2023, the world of DC that we knew is no more after James Gunn rewrote history with precise masterstrokes of his pen. And just as the fandom began to come to terms with the order born out of chaos, evidence is found amid chance encounters on social media where clacking keys generate enough momentum to spin the fandom into a tizzy. David Ayer was the epicenter of this recent development and the rumor mill began to operate on full power after he poured gas on the already burning torch that the fandom has kept lit for the Suicide Squad Director’s Cut.

David Ayer Suicide Squad (2016)
Suicide Squad (2016)

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David Ayer Revives the Fandom’s Interest in Suicide Squad

A Twitter exchange on 22 November 2022 has given rise to a well-timed fuel-to-the-fire comment that indicates in not so many words that an Ayer Cut release may in fact be possible within the very near future. The formatively warm relationship between David Ayer and James Gunn has further increased fan speculations regarding the two coming to an agreement regarding the former’s unrealized vision from the sets of his 2016 film.

The tweet would have been just that – a director keeping his dream alive by the mere force of will – but it was Gunn’s reply to this particular thread that sent the rumor mill spinning.

The reports surrounding this public exchange of words and the promise of a new era have now invigorated fan interest in their desire to witness the fully realized vision of David Ayer on the screen. The resurgence of rumors surrounding Ayer’s Cut also reached a peak in 2022 when the director released a short clip featuring unchecked gore and unleashed violence on the screen perpetrated by the Joker’s goons.

The clip not only reinstated the belief that the production redacted much of the original cinematic masterpiece on its way out of the editor’s shop, and that the Director’s Cut, if and when released, will cast an appalling shadow over its preceding lackluster version.

Can Suicide Squad Ayer’s Cut Redeem the Original Film?

Suicide Squad's unruly antiheroes
Suicide Squad‘s unruly antiheroes

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For almost as long as the film has existed, it has been the subject of mockery and ridicule for reasons more than one cares to count. But one of the primary causes behind the incessant fan criticism is the misused potential of such powerfully magnificent anti-heroes and villains in the film. David Ayer’s vision perfectly coincided with that of his DC contemporary, Zack Snyder, in that the plot and cinematography were encased in brutality and madness, and the director relished in his story crafted from the macabre nightmares of DC comic books.

Even though the potential was all there within Ayer’s reach, the story was somehow misplaced in its grandeur and the plot felt incomplete in its finality. Every subgenre within Suicide Squad could have borne multiple spin-offs (just as James Gunn did with Peacemaker) but the execution of the script lacked in necessary fundamental elements – the Joker x Harley arc, characterization of the Clown Prince, a poorly-realized Enchantress.

Jared Leto's Joker
Jared Leto’s Joker

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But all of the worries on the DC fandom’s part vanished the moment Ayer, following in the footsteps of Snyder, revealed that his vision for the film did not match the one executed on the big screens. Most of what he wanted to put together was left on the cutting room floor and the Director’s Cut offers a tale that is vastly different from what was being currently portrayed. Since then, DC has been plagued and haunted by mass outcry and demands that have now resulted in the infamous movement known as #ReleasetheAyerCut.

Source: Twitter | David Ayer

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