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James Gunn Reportedly Pushing DC Publishing To Focus More on Heroes and Villains He Wants To Make Movies On

James Gunn Reportedly Pushing DC Publishing To Focus More on Heroes and Villains

James Gunn has been directing a path for the DC Universe and a proper functioning plan that could stretch for around ten years or so. This would involve new characters being introduced and old ones being evolved. He has been in charge of making several changes within the franchise which have been harsh yet necessary. These decisions include Black Adam’s sequel being pushed by a lot and Wonder Woman 3 being canceled.

James Gunn denies his involvement in bringing Henry Cavill back.
James Gunn

Among the many things Gunn has been overlooking, one that seems to have surfaced includes his eye on the comic book publishers of DC Comics. He has apparently been pitching an idea about wanting to see comic books of heroes that are and will be part of the DCU more than those who won’t be.

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James Gunn Wants To Shift The Focus Of The Comics

An idea that could make its way is that DC publishes more comics and story arcs of heroes and villains that are already a part of the DC Universe or will become a part of it in the future. Not only does he want new stories and comics, but he also wants reprints of already published comic books in order to attract the public eye.

James Gunn
James Gunn

The incentive for this is so that the audience would become more aware of DC Films and all that the franchise will be offering. Fans have lately been stepping away from the franchise and even before James Gunn and Peter Safran took over as co-CEOs, the doubt about the movies it released had always been dodgy.

comics birds of prey dove huntress dc comics wallpaper preview
A page from DC comics

The idea will create an image of the upcoming heroes and the villains they would be facing off against as well as the various story directions that the franchise could go into. Especially considering that The Flash is said to be a movie that would revolve around the Flashpoint Paradox and will possibly reset the entire multiverse.

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James Gunn’s Idea Makes Fans Wonder What Arcs Could Be Explored

Upon listening to this, fans have been speculating and pondering about all the different storylines and universes that DCU could explore. They also support the idea and would enjoy seeing an overview of what the upcoming decade of DC superheroes will offer.

Much like so, many fans also seem to be against the idea, claiming that James Gunn is involved and merging the DCU with DC Comics, something that remains, for the most part separate. Others also wish that the two worlds don’t collide majorly, instead just pick inspiration from each other.

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