James Gunn Reveals He Once Discussed Moon Knight With Kevin Feige

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Answering fan questions on Twitter, filmmaker James Gunn put to rest rumors that he pitched Moon Knight to Marvel. These rumors stemmed from an old Tweet of his. The whole matter is now settled after clarification by Gunn.


The prolific filmmaker has his hands full with productions from both, MCU and DCEU. The MCU bannered, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 is in production and he just finished writing and directing Peacemaker for HBO Max, a spinoff television series of his 2021 The Suicide Squad.

James Gunn and Moon Knight

James Gunn debunks rumor about moon Knight
A still from Moon Knight

The whole thing started when fans discovered an old Tweet of Gunn from 2017, where he stated that he had a great idea about a movie for Moon Knight but did not have the time to pursue it. This then snowballed into a rumor that the filmmaker had pitched Moon Knight to Marvel. There was quite a bit of fan speculation about the matter, but all were cleared by Gunn himself with a Tweet.


Gunn was asked about the rumor and his relationship with the character on the social media website. To which he answered that he had not pitched Moon Knight to Marvel but had only spoken to Kevin Feige about the character only in passing and only once. Adding further, he said that he loved the character and couldn’t wait to watch filmmaker Slater’s take on it on Disney Plus.

Take a look at the Tweet below.

About Moon Knight

James Gunn debunks rumor about moon Knight
Moon Knight

Moon Knight is an ongoing miniseries streaming on Disney Plus. It follows the life and adventures of a gift shop employee, Steven Grant. Grant has another personality that can take over his body. That of mercenary Marc Spector/ Moon Knight. The latter has a pact with the Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu, to do his bidding in return for being left alone. The chief antagonist is the cult leader Arthur Harrow who is a front for the Goddess Ammit. The parties are locked in conflict and the show is influenced by ancient Egyptian mythology. Do share your opinion with us in the comments section below.


Moon Knight’s Season 1 would have 6 episodes, airing every Wednesday on the streaming service Disney+.

Each episode lasts about 40-50 minutes.

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