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James Gunn Reveals the Second Person He Told About Becoming DCU Head After Kevin Feige (& It Wasn’t Jennifer Holland)

James Gunn Reveals the Second Person He Told About Becoming DCU Head

James Gunn’s courtship with Hollywood’s CBM franchises has never been a cause for concern among the Marvel and DC fandoms. With him constantly juggling the two responsibilities, the director extraordinaire has somehow managed to blend in and out of the two universes while delivering masterpieces. Now, as Gunn prepares to take his final bow in the Marvel universe with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, he completely transitions over to the DCU without further ado.

DC finally finds a guide for its MCU-like world-building after intense search
DC finally finds a guide for its MCU-like world-building after an intense search

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James Gunn Becomes the New Chief of DC Universe

The time of reckoning for DC has come and it is now. 2022 has been unlike any other year in the history of Warner Bros.’s centennial existence. The studio has had to deal with a transformational merger, fallouts with actors, countless controversies, backlash, and boycotts from fans. Adding onto that was the complete restructuring of the management at DC and the heralding of a new hierarchy (both on-screen and off). With the hunt for DC Films’ chief feeling like a futile task, it now seems like “The One” was right under WB’s nose this whole time.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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James Gunn has now been appointed as the head of DCU. Equivalent to the long-standing MCU, the new and improved DC Universe will now facelift the entire DC Extended Universe and transition its existing characters to a new world order dictated by lesser controversies, minimal fallouts, and greater fan-approved projects. With the stringent rule of the iron-fisted Hamada meeting a sour end and Henry Cavill now restored to his rightful throne, Gunn’s appointment seems very much like the beginning of the forthcoming golden age of DC.

James Gunn Breaks the Happy News to His Loved Ones

Well, one would think a newly married man would rush to the professed “love of his life” with the career-defining news of his new promotion — after all, Warner Bros. did set the bar pretty high when it comes to wedding gifts. But being the comedian that he is, James Gunn after informing Kevin Feige first (obviously) immediately followed up by calling his Peacemaker star, John Cena, to share the happy news, instead of sharing it with his newlywed wife, Jennifer Holland. And soon after, Twitter exploded.

James Gunn with John Cena on the Peacemaker set
James Gunn with John Cena on the Peacemaker set

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The news comes in a long continuation of the extended happy hour that DC is basking in right now. James Gunn’s transition into DC is not a marker of the CBM franchise’s faux rivalry with Marvel. Unlike what the majority of the fandoms would like to believe, the co-existence of the two comic book businesses has immortalized an entire century’s worth of evolution, given us timeless stories and heroes to relate and look up to, helped generations through the strifes of social depression, and taught young minds resilience in the face of adversity.

One would only hope that the camaraderie that exists between James Gunn and Kevin Feige now extends to the fandoms of the two franchises that they now plan on guiding, expanding, and ushering into the future.

Source: Twitter: @JamesGunn

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